It’s About Time! Epstein’s Wealthy Pedophile Friends Will All Be Named


    Jeffrey Epstein’s island has been the topic of much discussion as of late. The wealthiest and most powerful people in the world flew to and from the island over the course of several years. Now, the Attorney General who is responsible for representing the Virgin Islands is demanding the flight logs. They want to know exactly who is responsible for these heinous crimes.

    Epstein had three planes and four helicopters that ferried the rich and famous to and from the island over the past two decades. The trips began in 1998 and continued until his 2019 suicide. Now that the logs have been subpoenaed, all of his influential buddies are starting to lose it. The panicking has begun.

    A lawsuit has been filed against the Epstein estate by Denise George. 22 counts have been alleged, as she is accusing Epstein of allowing aggravated rape, child abuse, and neglect, human trafficking, forced labor and prostitution to take place. George is also asking for the pilots of these planes to be investigated.

    Any “complaints or reports of potentially suspicious conduct” need to be shared as soon as possible. In addition to the rich and famous, any pilots who are complicit in what has taken place will be asked to provide details. There is no shortage of Democrats who need to be worried at the moment. For starters, Bill Clinton’s name appears on the log at 29 times.

    In most of these instances, he was flying with young women in tow. Larry Summers, former Harvard president, is also said to have been involved in these flights. He was also an economist for the Obama administration. He was on a flight to Epstein’s famed “Orgy Island” a mere ten days after his marriage dissolved back in 2005.

    The evidence that has been circulating is damning, to say the least. From the looks of it, things are going to get worse before they get better for these folks. We have been waiting for months to find out more about the wrongdoing that was taking place on this island. Epstein’s suicide has also brought about a lot of speculation about his death and whether he truly killed himself.

    The circumstances that surrounded his death were responsible for fueling the investigation. Magically, there is no video evidence to support suicide and of course, the guard who was on duty decided to take a walk at the time of Epstein’s death. Those are some pretty big coincidences but what do we know?

    The Clinton family probably had something to do with his death but good luck proving that. They have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure that their names remain clear but how much longer can that last? If anything, they need to be getting out in front of this before it is too late.

    Once this particular snowball gets rolling down the hill, it is going to crush everything in its path….even the Clinton family. They probably had dreams of grooming their daughter Chelsea for a presidential run someday but it seems like her father had plans of his own. His insistence on traveling to this island with younger women could end up being his downfall.

    It’s never too late to bring these types of politicians to justice. Clinton should have been removed from the White House entirely because of his willingness to lie about his extracurricular activities. He may have thought that he would be safe since he is no longer as closely associated with the White House.

    This is the same assumption that has been made by a wide range of Democrats. Our sympathies go out to all of the families that have been affected by Epstein and his band of rich perverts. We can only hope that justice is finally done so that women like Denise George are no longer left to look over their shoulders on a constant basis. The Democrats are the ones who should be afraid.


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