Senator Grassley Serves Up a Dish of Truth That the Democrats Can’t Handle


    The entire country has a differing opinion on what to do about the SCOTUS seat. The Dems want to fill it once they get into the White House. The GOP wants to fill it now. Although Ruth Bader Ginsburg may have left a dying wish about keeping her seat open until a “new president” comes in, she should have known better than anyone that that isn’t inside of the Constitution.

    Senator Chuck Grassley has a few truth bombs to release on everyone –and the Dems aren’t too happy about it. As the former chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he reminds people that the decision to hold a hearing and vote comes down to the Majority Leader and the Judicial Committee Chair. That decision has been made.

    Now, it comes down to reviewing the qualifications of the nominee and will vote based on the nominee’s merits.

    The Dems can holler all they want about how it’s not fair or moral or legal for Trump to fill the seat. Grassley has already identified that it is – simply because the Majority Leader and the Judicial Committee Chair has agreed to hold the vote.

    It is legal. It is fair. It is moral. Pelosi can threaten impeachment all she wants. She clearly needs a reminder of what the law is. She’s just mad that a Democrat isn’t the one coming up with the nominee. Had Ginsberg been truly hell-bent on making sure her seat was replaced with a liberal nominee, she would have retired during Obama’s reign as so many people had urged her to do.

    The liberals like to remind – what about in 2016 when Obama nominated someone for the SCOTUS seat. It was an election year. However, it was held off.

    Grassley’s second truth bomb is dropped. There was a divided government in 2016 in terms of what the American people wanted in terms of the direction of the Supreme Court. Now that there have already been two Trump SCOTUS confirmations, no ambiguity exists. There is a Republican Senate and a Republican president. It makes sense to move forward with the nominating process.

    Meanwhile, the Dems are guilty of trying to pack the court so they get their way. They also want to do away with the filibuster – again, so they get their way.

    Chuck Grassley has a message for them, too. He tweeted how the Dems are still upset that the American people were responsible for electing Trump in 2016 and a GOP Senate in 2016 (and 2018) and said, “Democrats threatening to eliminate the filibuster/pack the courts bc Republicans are doing as the Constitution allows shows they will say/do anything if they don’t get their way.”

    The Democrats are power-hungry and they’ll say and do anything to soak up as much power as they can. The problem is that the GOP is one with the words of the Constitution. The Trump administration and the GOP Senate is aware of what they can and cannot do. Choosing a SCOTUS nominee is within the rights of the president and the decision to vote has already been agreed upon.

    The Republicans did what the country wanted in 2016 and even now. The Dems continue to forget that the country is based on checks and balances. Without this, we have nothing.

    While Pelosi and the rest of the liberals want to change history and demand that the SCOTUS seat remains open until after the election, the reality is that the GOP is committed to getting the job done. The American people deserve to have a full panel of nine judges within the Supreme Court. To have anything less is careless – and if the tables were reversed, the Democrats would be pushing to fill the seat, too.

    It’s not about Ginsberg’s death. It’s not about stacking the Supreme Court. It’s all about making sure that the SCOTUS is full. It’s about making sure that the president gets the job done, even if it is an election year.


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