Video: Democrat Group Training Violent Activists in Home Invasion Terror Tactics


    The DC Sunrise Movement is preparing to engage in some terrifying attacks on innocent Americans. This far-left group of Democrats is also pushing hard for the usage of foreign energy sources, in an effort to put a stop to a potential energy crisis. Now, they have taken their rhetoric to a far more dangerous place. They are training their membership to attack key political figures.

    These agitators are being given training so that they can mount an attack on Senator Lindsey Graham. If their plan is successful, the riot is slated to take place on Monday morning. The rioters are even said to have practiced kicking in his front door. This is the country that the radical leftists want us all to live in.

    They will not rest until every government figure is living in absolute terror. The leftists that we have all tried our best to get along with have become something even more sinister. They are violent Marxists who look for any opportunity to attack anyone who does not share their very dim view of the world.

    Twitter conservatives were doing their best to spread the word about the potential attacks but no one seemed to care. Whether they were rooting for harm to come to Graham or they simply didn’t believe that this was a real threat is anyone’s guess. The leftists that we have seen on social media would think nothing of celebrating his demise.

    *** BREAKING! ***

    ATTENTION – @SunriseMvmtDC is training agitators for a potential riot at @LindseyGrahamSC‘s home at 6:00am tomorrow morning!

    This exclusive video shows them practicing kicking in his front door & more. Please help get the word out!@FBI @DCPoliceDept

    — Millie Weaver 🇺🇸 (@Millie__Weaver) September 21, 2020

    That’s what American politics are descending into. The leftists are the ones who claim to have empathy. They are the same people who claim to be kind and care about the welfare of all people. If these folks happen to have a political opinion that differs from theirs, all of that goes out the window. It does not take long before they are issuing all sorts of threats.

    The hypocrisy is enough to make you laugh, that is for sure. Anyone who points out the hypocrisy is then called a racist. These mentalities have been allowed to persist for some time now because the mainstream media does not see anything wrong with them. In fact, they are the first ones to egg on these types of stories. They do not even attempt to conceal their biases anymore.

    It’s been that way for some time now. While there are some who will point out the fact that it has gotten worse since Trump became president, that does not mean that this is a new phenomenon. The country has been divided for some time now. Trump happens to be the president who was in office when all of these issues finally came to a head.

    Even if a Democrat happened to be sitting in the big chair right now, we can’t imagine that things would have been much different. Biden is a moderate who loves to say one thing and do another. His constituents would have been ticked off the first time that he had provided one of his weak condemnations of the violence taking place in the streets.

    Democrats like him don’t want people to figure out how badly they are being treated. They want their voters to believe that the Lindsey Grahams of the world are responsible for any suffering that they are experiencing. In reality, they are causing their own pain because they continue to vote for people who do not have their best interests at heart.

    Trump and his administration can only be blamed for so many of the problems that this nation is facing at the moment. There are so many issues that existed before he ever set foot in the White House. If the left is going to continue to attack people like Lindsey Graham (who has very little to do with their actual plight), nothing is ever going to get accomplished. They should start to focus all of this blinding rage that they have in the right places.


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