Americans Tune out! Liberal Jimmy Kimmel’s Emmys Show Bombs With Lowest Ratings Ever


    The 2020 Emmy Awards took place over the weekend. If you are anything like us, you barely had any idea that the show was still going on this year. We had assumed that they were going to cancel. Instead, they unveiled a “social distancing” version of the Emmys and the liberal Hollywood types were out in full force. Did you watch it?

    If not, trust us, you are not alone. We had no clue that it was on and it was forced to go against Sunday Night Football (as well as the NBA playoffs). LeBron James and Russell Wilson are definitely worthy adversaries. This was also the national audience’s first chance to see former MVP candidate Cam Newton in a New England Patriots.

    Some people probably opted to throw something else on, even if they knew that the Emmys were taking place. Whether people are tired of the liberal shills or they simply had better things to do, the show posted its worst ratings yet. This is not a hard puzzle for anyone to put together. People are tired of being insulted when they turn on their television sets.

    The liberals love these award shows because they are able to receive the messaging that they enjoy and their favorite celebrities give them the chance to feel woke. Anyone who has watched a Hollywood award show since Trump has been elected can tell you how it is going to go before they have even had the chance to watch it for themselves.

    There will be lots of Trump-bashing. Celebrities who pay less than zero attention to politics compete with each other to see who can have the most woke quote. Twitter congregates to judge the woke off. It’s a story as old as time itself at this point. Now that the #MeToo wave has come and gone, they are back to whining about Trump at every opportunity.

    “This isn’t a MAGA rally, it’s the Emmys. Instead of the live audience, we took a page from baseball and did cardboard cutouts of the nominees,” Kimmel said at the onset of the broadcast. This is not the first time he has presided over a woke version of a popular awards show. Some may remember his ill-fated hosting appearance at the 2018 Oscars.

    Of course, he tanked the ratings then, too. The conservatives who also like to watch these programs probably don’t appreciate all of the insults that are lobbed their way. Why would the Emmys or the Oscars want to annoy half of their audience before they have barely had the chance to get comfortable in their chairs?

    That’s what happens when everything turns into some sort of political discussion. People want a break from the political discourse. No one is turning on the Emmys because they are hoping for some words of wisdom from the former host of The Man Show. The same Jimmy Kimmel who dressed up in blackface is now going to preach to everyone.

    How rich! Kimmel may think that his rebranding efforts are over but there are still plenty of us who remember. It’s hilarious to watch the Hollywood left to pick and choose who is given forgiveness for their past transgressions. Since Jimmy is willing to sit there and be a prop for other comedians like Anthony Anderson to mock, he’s been given the golden ticket. The rest of us are forced to sit through bad joke after bad joke.

    It won’t be long before these award shows are over entirely. If half the country does not want to bother to tune in, advertisers are not going to be as quick to pay for 30-second spots. From there, it does not take long for the rest of the apparatus to crumble. What should have been a fun diversion for most of the country has been replaced by yet another echo chamber for the liberals. Anything saying otherwise is sorely mistaken.


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