Biden’s America! Woman Tasered in Front of Her Children Over Face-mask


    Alecia Kitts is a mother like any other. She wanted to watch her son play high school football but the police decided to put a stop to her fun. Since she was not wearing a mask, she was asked to leave. Alecia also appears to have been sitting with her other children at the time of the altercation. The police did not stop there, either.

    Kitts put up a fight, causing the police to break out their Taser and the handcuffs. She was arrested on the spot. The story originally took place in Logan, Ohio. This woman drove an hour and a half from Marietta, just to see her son’s game. It did not take long before she was approached by a police officer because of her refusal to wear a mask.

    She couldn’t even get through the first quarter of the game. If you would like to watch the entire three-minute encounter that this woman had with the police, be sure to check out the video for yourself. Parents cannot even watch their children play sports anymore without being harassed by the mask police.

    These are the assaults on American freedom that have to be addressed. Tiffany Kennedy is the woman who took the video and she is sticking up for Alecia. She says that this mother was not avoiding her mask because of any nefarious reasoning. The reason was actually a very simple one: she has asthma and did not want to impede her breathing.

    “There is no reason to tase someone and arrest them for not wearing a mask,” says Tiffany. We are inclined to agree. The female officer who was responsible for bringing down this “dangerous criminal” was not even wearing a mask at the time of the arrest. It seems pretty hypocritical to us but we were not there!

    All jokes aside, it’s fairly insane to see the arresting officer in this instance waiting to pull out a mask. If she’s not even going to bother to wear a mask while she is patrolling the stands at high school football games (a notorious hotbed for crime), what are we doing all of this for? It seems silly at best and performative at worst.

    American institutions are addicted to the theater of safety right now. It’s either safe for Americans to congregate or it isn’t. All of these half measures are not actually helping anyone. They are just giving officers like this one an excuse to go on a power trip. Near as we can tell, Kitts was adhering to the social distancing guidelines and was not sitting near anyone else.

    To make matters worse, other attendees were affected. “Alecia’s mom said that when the officer tased her, the current went through the bleachers and zapped the kid sitting there too,” Kennedy continued. “There were only 25 or 30 fans from our town on our side,” she said. The Logan Police Department is not commenting on the situation as of yet and their police chief has remained silent.

    According to sources, Alecia will now be facing a criminal trespass. She was released from custody under her own recognizance. While this could have been a lot worse, there is not much that can be said in favor of the police here. They have been given a new rule to enforce and it’s hard to make decisions on these matters in real-time. Everyone is learning as they go, that is for sure.

    Kitts’ story is becoming more and more commonplace. As schools continue to try their best to see their students through these challenging times, there are lots of parents who will need to make tough decisions. This mother did not want to risk triggering her asthma and she was treated like a common criminal in return. This is not the America that we know and love. We would give anything for a return to anything that resembles some form of normalcy.


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