Bloomberg is Buying $16-Million Worth of Votes from Florida Felons…Now Under Intense Investigation


    Desperation is unattractive. It’s been said it’s the mother of invention but for the vast majority it’s Joan Crawford from “Mommy Dearest.” In terms of the impending presidential election, Miss Crawford has been wailing on the limping liberals while Conservatives are busy planning the next four years.

    As Nov 3 draws closer, desperate Democrats are resorting to never before witnessed measures for their shot at propping up Biden’s wrinkled butt behind the oak desk in the Oval Office. And they’re attempts are becoming more blatant by the day.

    Michael Bloomberg, the failed presidential candidate who never stood a chance, took desperation to new heights by reaching into his own wallet to the tune of $16 million smackers to help ol’ Joe out. And now he’s under investigation. Oops!

    Bloomberg took things to rock bottom when he figured who better to help sway the vote than a bunch of felons? These pillars of society have tons of debt due to fines, restitution, prison debts, and paying their baby mamma’s what they still owe. They also cannot vote. Not in Florida.

    Since the voting rights of felons are suspended until these fines are paid, it only stands to reason they can be easily bought, or bribed, if you prefer. Sixteen-million buckeroos will buy a lot of votes. Especially in the battleground Sunshine State where things could get rocky.

    Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody isn’t having any of this and she’s going after Bloomberg, guns blazing. Even a caveman can see how Bloomberg’s only motive was to buy votes. He doesn’t care about these felons he’s bailing out. He has no personal attachment to them or their families. It’s bribery in no other terms. If ya can’t beat ’em, buy ’em.

    Moody has requested a full investigation after saying a preliminary review prompted her action to seek additional information. “After preliminarily reviewing this limited public information and law, it appears further investigation is warranted. Accordingly, I request that your agencies further investigate the matter and take appropriate steps as merited,” Moody wrote in a letter to the FBI field office in Tampa.

    This quote from the Florida Department of State Division of Elections was included. “Even otherwise innocuous offering of an incentive simply to vote could run afoul of the law depending on the circumstances.”

    Because of additional donations, Bloomberg’s total contribution to the felon’s now equals $20 million. There is no telling how he will spend the additional funds from the $100 million he vowed to contribute to Biden’s campaign, in Florida alone. No telling…

    In his kindness of my heart approach, Bloomberg drafted the following statement. “The right to vote is fundamental to our democracy and no American should be denied that right. Working together with the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, we are determined to end disenfranchisement and the discrimination that has always driven it.”

    The guy is suddenly a martyr for the rights of Florida’s felon population? Okay.

    On Sept. 11, a federal appellate court ruled that any Florida resident felon must pay off all of their fines prior to regaining their voting rights. Realizing how this new law could have a devastating effect on the election, or how it might just help him, Bloomberg sprung into action. With 29 electoral votes, Florida is crucial to both parties.

    In 2018, Florida voted to restore felons voting rights upon completion of time served. The ruling was contested when Republicans questioned what this actually meant, considering their monetary fines to society should part of the package deal. They won their case and the 2018 ruling was overturned.

    In the presidential race of 2000, the Florida election results were determined by a mere 537 votes. The number of felons being bribed with Bloomberg cash equals 31,100.

    Organizers of the Bloomberg formed group said they aren’t aware of any of the felon’s political affiliations. They claim to not have targeted any specific group. But technically speaking, since by far the largest majority of released felons aren’t registered to vote in the first place, they kind of are. They’re just not allowed to say that.

    Here’s a bonus. Just so you know who not to like, here are some of the additional donors to Bloomberg’s real and actual cause. John Legend, Michael Jordan, MTV, Comedy Central, LeBron James, VH1, Ben & Jerry’s, the Orlando Magic, Levi Strauss & Co., the Miami Dolphins, the Miami Heat, and of course, Stephen Spielberg.


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