Cartel Like Measures Found Within Democratic Party as Biden’s Son is Exposed


    Joe Biden is a corrupt politician trying to distance himself from all the people he helped while vice president under his overlord Obama. The one-man that he cannot seem to get away from is his own son. Hunter Biden was able to weasel himself into a board position, using the influence of his father, with a gas company in Ukraine. These actions have prompted a formal investigation into the transactions of these estranged relationships.

    What has been found should shock the nation. But it involves Democrats, so there is already a level of suspicion that comes up. The Biden family has many transactions between themselves and other foreign leaders. These transactions were deliberately ignored by the Obama administration, which implicates that corrupt family as well.

    The 87-page report put out by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. They work together with the Senate Committee on Finance and found that many of the transactions are illegal, and many laws have been broken. The Biden’s were careful to hide their intent as only red flags have been raised so far. But the movement of so much money can only mean corruption.

    The Biden report shows that “The Treasury records acquired by the Chairmen show potential criminal activity relating to transactions among and between Hunter Biden, his family, and his associates with Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakh and Chinese nationals.” He has ties to the Chinese. Is it ever a wonder then that they would love Biden to win the presidency?

    Hunter Biden was a failed businessman until his father became vice president. It was then that he mysteriously arose to the board member’s position and started to earn a healthy sum of money. There is no way that Hunter Biden could have come up with that much cash unless his crooked father stepped in and helped the man-child.

    The sad part about Biden’s relationship, his son and Ukraine, is that they were there to help the Ukrainian people root out their own corruption. That cannot be done if the one’s helping are corrupt themselves. All that the Biden’s did was take advantage of the Ukrainians and milk them for millions of dollars. Biden and his slacker son should pay them back for stealing from them.

    The father and son team hid their illegal greed by stating that the payments they received under the disguise of “legal and consulting services.” And to even make it more legitimate, they used a law firm to make it all appear legal. The list of charges goes on and on. The same underlying questions remain. The only way he could have made so much money is by his father illegally using his position to force Ukraine to pay Hunter Biden his fees.

    Joe Biden was to have helped root out the corruption and not to create more. Joe Biden went so far as to demand that Viktor Shokin be fired because he was getting close to exposing the Bidens and their illegal actions. To make his request happen, Biden threatens to hold back a $1 billion loan guarantee.

    Biden and his son opened America up to all sorts of threats from other nations. Just their presence alone allowed for meddling and further corruption to take place. Biden is a man that cannot be trusted to run the country. He will only use his power to make his friends rich and his enemies poor.

    President Trump has long stated that Joe Biden is a worthless human. He uses his position of authority to get what he wants, no matter the cost. When President Trump stood before the people asking for their votes in 2016, Biden tried to blame him for his illegal deeds.

    President Trump has made a lot of promises to the people that he has honored. This is the type of man that America needs to run the country. Biden will only destroy what the president has worked so hard to accomplish the past four years. America is only great again because the people took a stand against Democratic corruption and voted in a man that could not be bought out by the liberals.


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