Liberal Bullies: Veteran Brutally Beat for MAGA Hat


    How is it that the Dems are allowed to bully the right, but the right cannot dare to bully them right back? It’s a double-standard that’s becoming more and more obvious. As the country gets closer to the General Election, the left is becoming increasingly less tolerant of MAGA and everything that Trump stands for.

    A 77-year-old veteran in California wore his hat proudly. He’s served his country. Trump has always stood his ground for veterans. There’s no reason why the veteran wouldn’t want to sport a “Make America Great Again” hat as he walked around.

    The veteran, who was also wearing a Thin Blue Line mask to show he supported law enforcement, was doing nothing wrong. He was simply enjoying himself.

    However, intolerance has been growing. Daniel Gomez-Martinez, 26, has been arrested and charged with battery and abuse. He couldn’t leave the veteran alone. He didn’t like any of the gear that he was wearing, so he brutally assaulted him.

    How is this okay? The worst of it is that the Democrats have such a history of being violent toward the right that this kind of thing doesn’t even make headlines. It’s brushed under the rug. It’s as if the media considers this to be innocent or acceptable.

    The only way such a thing would make headlines is if the man were wearing a Biden/Harris hat and a BLM shirt and the attacker was a member of the GOP. The double-standard has become too much to bear – and now innocent, elderly veterans are becoming fodder for the political wars.

    The military veteran who was attacked chose not to be named. He is recovering from his injuries but was shaken by the event.

    He said that the incident started when he was at the Red Bluff post office. A young man and woman walked by him. The woman said, “We just don’t like people like you.” He shook it off as not being anything and commented that it breaks his heart. Then, he said within seconds, he was hit on the left side of his head.

    The man got him in a headlock and was pounding the veteran on the top of the head. The veteran recalls that there was blood everywhere. He didn’t know where his hat or his package was. An ambulance was called so that he could be treated for his head wounds. He said that it took him three days to overcome the headaches from the attack.

    The veteran seems to almost blame himself. He said that he’s a Vietnam veteran and spent 30 years in law enforcement. He explains that he’s been taught situational awareness and never saw the attack coming.

    The last comment that he makes is what really sticks: “I was so shocked for the hate that people have, you know.” That’s the problem. The hate that the left has is so significant that it takes people by surprise. This veteran had never met these people. He didn’t hate them – he didn’t even know them. Yet, they would attack him simply because of his beliefs.

    This is what has to stop. There has to be tolerance between the two parties. We have to accept that the other party believes something different. We have to learn how to meet in the middle and establish common ground.

    If we want to maintain democracy in the United States, the attacks of intolerance have to stop. The Democrats have to hold these attackers responsible for what they’re doing. Otherwise, it’s no longer a democracy. It’s a dictatorship. The left will decide what we can say, what we can wear, and what we can believe. Those who fight against it will be beaten into submission or killed.

    That’s not the United States that is the home of the free and the land of the brave. Yet, that could be the United States if the Dems win the election.


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