Biden’s Racism Shows When He Explains Why He Could Remain Sequestered


    Joe Biden’s either senile, racist, or a bit of both. Over the past year during his run for the presidency, he’s been accused of both on multiple occasions. Even his now running mate Kamala Harris accused him of being racist.

    While that’s supposed to be water under the bridge at this point between them, it seems Biden isn’t too quick to drop his racist ways.

    It’s no secret that Biden has been hiding in his basement for months at a time throughout the pandemic. He comes to the surface when he feels that he must. After all, in order to run for president, there are times when he has to visit cities and conduct interviews.

    When there’s no teleprompter for him to read off of, things can get very interesting. There’s really no telling what he might say – and he shocked the entire country with what he said during a speech in Tampa, Florida.

    Omg this is GOLD!!! “OH HELL NO” 😂🤣😂

    — Infidel Angela🇺🇸 (@InfidelAngela) September 26, 2020

    When he was at his campaign event, there was no teleprompter around. He had to simply say what was on his mind – and his racist mind told everyone he’s seeing things a lot clearer. He explains that the reason he’s been able to remain sequestered in his basement throughout the pandemic is that “some black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf.”

    Say what, now?

    Why a black woman? Perhaps in Biden’s eyes, only a black woman would be the one to stock the shelves at a grocery store. Does he consider this to be a lowly position?

    One Twitter user who goes by the screen name of Infidel Angela posted a clip of the video set to the music of Jaws to prepare for when he drops that little gem on the crowd. It’s been retweeted countless times – but you wouldn’t know that by looking at Twitter. It seems that Twitter has been deleting so many of the retweets.

    Twitter and the other social media platforms keep insisting that they’re nonpartisan. They just want to make sure that everything is fair and true.

    However, the harsh reality is that Biden’s comments about a black woman stocking the shelves is insulting – and if Twitter allows this clip to circulate as it has been, it will hurt Biden in the polls.

    Biden didn’t stop to apologize or explain himself, either. Most people, when they say something inappropriate, they have enough cognitive awareness to realize it and correct themselves. Not Joe, though. He plows on through the rest of the speech without another care in the world.

    This says quite a bit, really. One, Biden has no idea that what he said is inappropriate – and most racists wouldn’t acknowledge such a thing. Two, he’s not cognitively aware of what comes out of his mouth. As the Democratic candidate for president, shouldn’t he know what he’s saying? Or, do they not care as long as it’s not Trump getting into office?

    Biden continues to show his racist roots. The country is still reeling from the interview that Biden had with Charlamagne the God in May when he said that “you ain’t Black” if they choose to vote for Trump instead of himself.

    It’s no wonder that Kamala Harris called Biden out for being racist back in the spring. When she was still running for president herself, she was the candidate hitting him the hardest about his racist ways and his racist ties to some of the biggest racists in Congress’ history. The Dems would love for us to forget any of that happen, but the truth is out there – Biden’s a racist and everyone knows it.

    This is what happens when Biden doesn’t work with a teleprompter. We get to hear what his thoughts are on things without someone providing the mental filter that he clearly has lost over the years. Oh, he’s racist alright, and he’s so mentally unstable that he doesn’t even realize that he said anything wrong.


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