Look at What Border Patrol Found at the Top of the Wall


    The tabloids have been chocked full of national debate issues this year. It’s the same old kind of the lines with a whole slew of new ones. But one subject that seems to be oddly missing is talk of President Trump’s border wall. In fact, it seems like years since I’ve heard it mentioned.

    And, in all honesty, why would it be? With it being an election year, having massive amounts of civil unrest in cities all over the nation, and experiencing a public health crisis the likes of which we’ve never seen before, there’s hardly been room for much of anything else.

    Of course, there is also the fact that, due to the novel coronavirus, national and, therefore, border security has been exceptionally high to keep our infection rates down.

    But believe you me, in parts of the country where life isn’t as chaotic as others, there is still much talk about the famous wall and whether or not it’s doing its job.

    Well, for all of those wondering if it works, the proof is in a small story coming from San Diego.

    Last week, while on their nightly patrol, Border Protection agents came across a rather curious situation. Two female migrants were found stranded on the top of the 30 ft wall.

    According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, two men and two women had tried to climb the wall together near Otay Mesa Port. But they soon realized that climbing it was not the hard part.

    It’s getting down to the other side that is the most difficult.

    Only one of the four did it successfully. He was later found not far from the wall and arrested for illegally crossing.

    The other man was not quite as lucky.

    Sometime during this man’s decent, he fell, injuring himself severely enough that he could not leave the area. Upon being found, he was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

    The two women were left stranded at the top of the wall, not knowing how to get down without receiving similar injuries. Border Patrol Agents had to call in the San Diego Fire Department to get them down safely from the bollard wall.

    Once on the ground, the women were reunited with the fourth and uninjured man. All were found to be Mexican nationals. And the three who didn’t sustain injuries were transported to a processing station, where they will be given a medical screening and a background investigation. Afterward, they will be deported back to Mexico, per the Title 42 Coronavirus protection protocols.

    Kind of embarrassing, wouldn’t you say? Not to mention a bit harrowing…

    Here you are trying to knowingly and illegally cross a national border, and you are caught, not because you successfully do so but because you have so epically failed.

    Now, you might recall, much earlier in the year, stories were run of a very similar incident, taking place at nearly precisely the same place.

    On January 5, two women and one man were found stranded mere feet from this exact location and for precisely the same reason. The only real difference in this earlier case is that no one was injured. Luckily for them, or unluckily, depending on how you want to take it, their attempted crossing was discovered before anyone had a chance to become wounded by falling.

    San Diego’s Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Aaron Heitke said at the time that these incidents are not all that uncommon. But he noted that “These three were very fortunate to not have fallen from the top of the wall which could have resulted in serious injury or death,” as he has unfortunately seen happen.

    Heitke noted that, in most cases, these people are brought in by human smugglers and are even helped sometimes to a certain extent. But because these smugglers “place an emphasis on profits over safety,” they often abandon their charges, merely hitting the road to make more money rather than caring about their physical safety or lives.

    Just in case this isn’t obvious at this point, the wall obviously works. No, of course, the president nor anyone wants to see individuals hurt in their foolish pursuits. However, the exceptionally high possibility of injury or death is a powerful reminder that it may not be worth it to most.

    Too bad Biden doesn’t see it that way.


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