Surprise! Milano Gets Confronted With the Truth During Trump Attack


    Alyssa Milano was already humiliated the other day when she decided to call the police for absolutely no reason. Normally, this would result in a small chuckle being shared between the officers and the person who called. Milano is not a normal person, though. She has been ranting and raving about stripping the police of their funding for weeks now.

    You would think that she would learn to lay low after being so thoroughly humiliated but give Milano credit. She’s got all the time in the world to be wrong. When President Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court Justice was announced over the weekend, she was incredibly ticked off. Most leftists were so that doesn’t make her too special.

    Her disgusted (yet predictable tweet) soon followed. “Never before in our nation’s history has a Supreme Court Justice been nominated and installed while a presidential election is already underway.  It defies every precedent and every expectation of a nation where the people are sovereign and the rule of law reigns,” Milano cried.

    In her mind, the pick was without precedent. This is what happens when you butt into political conversations without knowing your history, though. These choices have happened several times, throughout our nation’s storied history. Those who actually know what they were talking about were very quick to correct her. It did not take long for Milano to get shown the error of her ways.

    “Except when Woodrow Wilson replaced the Chief Justice who resigned to run against him in 1916 or when Dwight Eisenhower appointed William Brennan three weeks before the 1956 election or when it happened a half dozen other times during a Presidential election year,” David Shafer replied to her original tweet. Simple, succinct, and polite. That’s how it should be.

    Even if you look outside of Wilson and Eisenhower, there is no shortage of examples. One helpful Twitter user even decided to provide Milano with a graph. If the simple words that Shafer provided were too much for her to comprehend, surely she would be able to understand a picture. This is what the Democratic thought leaders have been reduced to.

    The leftists are taking their marching orders from people who do not even know what they are talking about. It’s been that way for a while but this is one of the more egregious examples that we have seen recently. The Democrats don’t even take responsibility for their own actions. They point the finger at others and act as if they are being persecuted in some way.

    Take Milano, for instance. After her police incident, where she was responsible for calling in numerous armed officers and helicopters to assist her with a non-issue, she couldn’t just admit she was wrong. Instead, she had the audacity to claim that the right-wing was responsible for it. An easily spooked D list actress who is high off her own self-importance is probably more plausible than a massive right-wing conspiracy to make her look bad.

    We are sure she will take a similar tactic on this one, too. Our biggest problem with the response to the Trump administration isn’t that the left dislikes him. After all, the left dislikes any president who is not willing to provide them all sorts of free stuff. No, our issue is a bit more sensible. If people want to hate the current administration, they can do themselves a huge favor and stop acting like everything they don’t like is without precedent.

    In their minds, everything was perfect before the mean old orange man came along to wreck it. They have consistently exposed themselves for the lack of attention that they pay until the outrage mob tells them how to feel. No one on the left side would have even reacted to the Barrett news this weekend if the mainstream media had not been telling them what to think and feel.


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