Watergate Prosecutor Pushes Narrative That Members Of Trump Family Could Go To Jail


    In a recent CNN interview, Ex-Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman claimed that compared to President Donald Trump, former president Richard Nixon was a “rookie amateur,” when it comes to circumventing tax law.

    What Nixon did was essentially backdate one deed for a gift of papers to the United States government … he basically created a phony deed.

    “It looks like Trump has done a whole series of activities that could qualify as tax fraud, not tax avoidance.” The supposed expert went on to say that he believed that the president was making illegal moves with his money, versus just making the most of the tax code as it stands now.

    The president claims that his tax returns reflect only legal and totally acceptable tax exemptions, however, the media has been up in arms, looking to comb through his financial details for quite some time, hoping to pin a crime on him that relates to his sizable fortune.

    After further pontification about the potential (though as yet proven) illegal tax evasion that the president is accused of being engaged in, the CNN contributor was asked outright if he believed that the president and potentially those around him could be headed to jail over these actions that reportedly “could qualify” as tax fraud.

    “Do you think Trump could end up going to jail if he is not re-elected because of anything in here?” the interviewer queried.

    “No question about it,” Nick Akerman replied “and his daughter could go to jail, too. Tax evasion is a five-year felony,” continued Akerman “It’s a pretty serious crime, and the more money that’s stolen, the longer you go to jail for.”

    Akerman was referencing Ivanka Trump, the first daughter, businesswoman, presidential adviser and wife of Jared Kushner, who was instrumental in working on the  Middle East peace deal that was recently signed.

    Both Ivanka and Jared Kushner have been painted with the same brush used on the president by the media. The family, once a darling in the eyes of the New York elite, have been turned into money-hungry goblins, coming for the wealth of the American middle class. According to the media, the multi-billionaire Donald Trump and his also successful family have become the antithesis of the American dream, despite having been benefactors of it themselves.

    The mainstream media, however, has been scrambling for some mud to sling at the Republican nominee for president, since it’s become increasingly clear that the Democratic nominee, former vice president Joe Biden, has become almost too incompetent to speak in public.

    Biden’s recent political gaffes have seemed to cause massive disturbance within the party, and the DNC is scrambling for a way to ensure that the president doesn’t keep his place in the Oval Office for a second term. Currently, that plan appears to be to try to bring Trump down to Biden’s level.

    Despite Biden’s 40 + years working in Washington and overwhelmingly lackluster performance on issues of consequence, the fact that the media and both campaigns are vying for the 20 percent of the undecided middle of the road voters, sometimes referred to as “purple people” means that whatever could be considered potentially understandable by those not particularly up to date on real current events, is fair game by the press.

    So, what is it that middle-class not-particularly-up-to-date Americans not understand? Tax code. Particularly why they’re paying sometimes almost half of their income, while anyone anywhere is able to become a billionaire and obey the law.

    And if they can plant the seed of doubt, just under those on the fence, it might make a difference. The far left and far right are already decided, the war is about the people in the middle, and what better to confuse people with, than tax code.


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