New York Times Fails Elementary School Again


    The New York Times has flunked elementary school based on the way they are reporting the facts of President Trump’s tax returns. They have forgotten how accounting works and the basic principles of the tax laws.

    Their desire is to be harsh towards the president because they hate him for winning the election and the successes that he has had for the past four years. They want to smear him any way they can because they want their Democratic overlords to win in November.

    The liberal run media giant stated in their headlines that the “President’s taxes chart chronic losses, audit battle and income tax avoidance.” Another one read as “Long concealed returns point to looming financial threats and direct conflicts of interest.”

    They deliberately twisted the facts to create an atmosphere of mistrust and mystery behind something so straight forward that a child could see the truth. President has no wrongdoing on his tax returns.

    He has done what every other taxpayer has done and used everything allowed to save money on taxes. He happens to be a master at doing them.

    The liberals are just upset that they missed a few deductions that could have saved them millions. They are just digging at nothing to find something that does not exist. They are desperate to find something to smear the president with.

    The Democrats and the New York Times just do not understand how a billionaire could only pay $750 in taxes. They just cannot wrap their childish little minds around how the tax code works. Builders such as President Trump is able to use depreciation in his favor. This lowers how much taxes a person may own.

    The IRS allows investors to use depreciation to lower how much they have to pay taxes on. The Democrats do not know this. Those at the New York Times need to take an introductory accounting class to learn what the president knows.

    Then there is the issue of debt and how that affects what a person pays. Many times, a loan is used for the purchase of a building or home. And the Democrats fail to realize that debt is not income. One would expect the New York Times would have at least done their research. But they were drooling at the returns and jumped before they looked. And now they have mud on their faces.

    President Trump attackers like to use significant numbers of and words that prove nothing about the situation. And the blind and brainwashed liberal followers believe every story they are told without ever checking their facts.

    President Trump is a master builder and financial man as it relates to his own money. He has learned through the years how to do things well and right. Knowing how to invest wisely and work with others in the business is not a crime. The New York Times is just trying to paint an honest life as a criminal’s life.

    The Democrats hate that the president deals fairly and earns his wealth honestly. They hate the fact that he has the financial backing to help people in need and offer jobs to people that need them. The liberals would instead take his money and give it to lazy people and not doing anything of benefit for themselves or the country.

    The biased New York Times is lying about the president’s tax returns. The president has paid in millions of dollars in taxes, and the liberals cannot believe what his return shows.

    There are other ways to pay taxes. He has payroll taxes to pay and even property taxes that he must pay. All of this plays a role in how much he pays at the end of the year.

    The country needs President Trump for another four years. The nation cannot stand a socialist at the helm of the country. The people voted him into office in 2016 to make a difference in their lives.

    His track record of the past four years has only proved how much he cares for the people and how his desire is to make America great again.


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