Prominent Liberal Openly Calling for All Republicans to Be “Lined up Against a Wall and Shot”


    Dick Costolo is a multi-millionaire and former Twitter CEO. Like many liberals, he seems to struggle with the concept of sharing a country with people he does not agree with. The tweet that he decided to fire off on Wednesday night was beyond disturbing. Will Twitter actually do anything about this blatant hate speech, though?

    Costolo has been tweeting socialist rhetoric for a long time ago. Check out this little gem from three days ago: “Nothing makes you a free-market capitalist like seeing up close & in-person how incompetently local/federal officials spend money And nothing makes you a progressive socialist like seeing up close & in-person how many SF/LA/NY millionaires are ungenerous, predatory, avaricious”

    This tweet from him was even worse, though. “Me first capitalists who think you can separate society from business are going to be the first people lined up against the wall and shot during the revolution. I’ll happily provide video commentary,” he said. The man posted the most direct murder threat that we have ever seen on social media.

    Why hasn’t anyone come to see him yet? This is the sort of tweet that usually lands you in hot water with some sort of government agency. Mike Cernovich is already weighing in. “This isn’t a nobody. This is a near billionaire. Former Twitter CEO. He wants to MURDER people he doesn’t agree with politically. This is how 90% of Big Tech thinks. They won’t stop at bans. Here is what they want, in their own words:” read his quote tweet.

    Cernovich was not the only one who was upset about what he was reading. “Former Twitter CEO worth 300 MILLION wants to line up capitalists for a firing squad. Immoral and violent left-wing 1%ers might be the most dangerous, immoral, people you’ll ever meet,” said mike4libertyCA. That sums it up even better than we ever could.

    “just a piece of advice: “I disagree with someone therefore I can murder them” is usually bad,” says PortalOperator. One of the direct replies to this tweet (which is still up, by the way) had us dying of laughter. “WTF? Sounds like you’re reading a little too much Mao and Stalin and Castro and it’s gone to your head,” says Praveen Asthana.

    This is what happens to the liberals. They read a little bit of socialist literature and they forget everything that they were already taught. It’s especially funny when rich liberals try to pull this act. Does Costolo think that the radical leftists who he loves to spend his time pandering to are going to let him live once the so-called revolution has finally had the chance to arrive?

    Of course not. For someone who spends so much time on Twitter, he clearly isn’t familiar with the “eat the rich” rhetoric that has been bubbling up on there as of late. Even the richest and most powerful celebrities who are beloved by all are not immune to these talks. What chance does Costolo think that he has if the revolution he claims to be pining for actually arrives?

    It’s an honest question and one that he has not taken the time to grapple with yet. The left wants everyone who does not think the way that they do to die. This is not the best way for anyone to live. The whole thing reminds us of a very old saying: walking around with hatred in your heart is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

    We are paraphrasing a bit but that is okay. There’s also another saying that we have but this one isn’t exactly an old saying that has been passed down for generations. It goes a little something like this: those who sit around praying for the revolution are usually the last ones who are going to enjoy it once it arrives. This is something that rich liberals like Dick Costolo may want to keep in mind.


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