Clowns: Democrats Show Fear as They Barricade Candidate from Lindsey Graham


    The Democrats continue to live in their world of fear as they separate themselves from the rest of the population. Everywhere they go, people are pushed out of their way as they step into their plastic box.

    Their attempts to avoid contact with COVID-19 infected people fuels the panic and fear that their followers have. Democrats everywhere must think that every single Republican and conservative are viral carriers.

    The fear-mongering liberals are taking social distancing to the extreme. In South Carolina, the losing Democrat, Jaime Harrison, decided to exaggerate his fear during the Senate race debate. Harrison is liberal, challenging Lindsey Graham for his seat in the Senate.

    The clownish Democrat walked out onto the stage and crawled behind his giant plexiglass screen. The screen was set up around his podium to shield him from Lindsey Graham. The ever-growing fear of the Democrats was bleeding onto the stage as Harrison walked out.

    His campaign manager had already stated that Graham should be in quarantine. The judgmental liberal and his staff are upset that Graham had been around an infected person. That does not mean he is going to catch the virus or pass it along.

    Harrison is the biggest baby in South Carolina. The ridiculous hiding behind a plastic wall, thinking that he will somehow be protected, is childish. He must have forgotten that the virus moves through the air and can quickly jump his wall.

    The very notion that a wall can protect from a virus is simply an unproven medical recommendation. The fear that is pushing the idea is that a person may spit on the other human, thereby infecting them. But that is what the masks were for, which is what the liberals have told the country.

    Harrison and Graham were over thirteen feet from each other. That is over twice the distance recommended by the CDC for social distancing. Either the Democrats are so fearful that they must have a lot of space and a plastic box to live in, or the American people were lied to about social distancing.

    Democrats everywhere are still blaming the president for the virus. Graham had been around Mike Lee, another Senator, and he has tested positive. But that does not mean Graham as the virus. All it means is that Lee has it. And by the time the fight for Graham to quarantine is over, Lee will be over it.

    The CDC only recommends quarantine. It is not a law, and no one can force anyone to lock themselves up for two weeks. The Democrats would love to make people think that it is a law and that people will be punished if they do not comply. Harrison just wants his competition out of the way so he can take his seat.

    This is not the first-time public servants have had to deal with the virus. Several politicians have come down with the China virus ever since it first showed up. Harrison’s logic is full of flaws, as Biden should have quarantined being around the president. But no one is hounding Biden to lock himself in a room for two weeks.

    Graham said it best when the virus was blamed on the president. He said that “the virus is a problem that came out of China, not Trump Tower.” Democrats try to push the virus as much as possible to keep their political hopes alive. And in this case, they need Graham gone because he is vowing that the next Supreme Court Justice is going to be approved.

    Harrison was spouting off some very vague language as he would say things like, “Tonight I am taking this seriously. That’s why I put this plexiglass up. Because it’s not just about me, it’s about the people in my life that I have to take care of as well: my two boys, my wife, my grandmother.”

    His statements were full of lies because it was about him as he stepped into his political plastic box. The fear of the Democrats is defining who they are as a party and people. They just cannot let go of the virus and let it fade into the past with the rest of seasonal sicknesses that come up every year.


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