Philly Continues With Ballot Fraud and Faces a Lawsuit


    It’s as if Philly wants to look as corrupt and as uncooperative as they possibly can. The city is just looking for trouble, and it’s gotten to be so out of control that President Trump is threatening a lawsuit if they can’t get their ballot activity under control.

    This shouldn’t be a problem. Philadelphia should be operating their polling stations legitimately. And if poll watchers appear to ensure that the job is being done properly, there should be no problem. Yet, the Office of the Philadelphia City Commissioners is refusing to admit poll watchers into the satellite offices.

    Why? The poll watchers simply want to observe the process in which people vote. They’re not saying anything. They’re not interfering in any way. It’s as if Philly is trying to hide something.

    Now, if that were the only problem, but Mike Roman shares a video where an observer is being removed. The Philly Election Official is heard saying that City Hall is not a public building. This means that there is a Trump observer being asked to leave. Not only is he slowly being escorted out of City Hall but security is asked to get involved to ensure that he “please leave.”

    City Hall, in any city, is a public building. It is there for its constituents. Being asked to leave is a major violation – so why does the city of Philadelphia have such a big problem with being watched?

    The attorney representing the campaign has been asking for a response. Philadelphia city election officials are refusing to comment on the incidents.

    Election lawyers have looked into the matter. They’re saying that there is no right under Pennsylvania law that allows certified poll watchers to observe the inside of an election office, either when someone is registering, applying for a mail-in ballot, or even filling one out.

    However, the Trump campaign is arguing that Pennsylvania doesn’t have a law saying that it isn’t illegal, either.

    Perhaps Pennsylvania has added a bunch of laws regarding elections as a way to protect themselves. This is the same state that also added extra days to count the ballots that come in by mail, just in case they receive so many that they can’t get a finite number to the election’s office on Election Day.

    Oh, and Pennsylvania voters are dealing with another problem. As many lined up at voting centers around Philly to drop their ballots and register to vote, they had to wait hours. The delays were because of issues with the voter database.

    Shouldn’t Pennsylvania have a better grip on things? The goal should be to show that there is no reason to question the integrity of the election. As such, they should be doing everything they can to have processes streamlined. They should be working to allow monitors and to show that everything is on the up and up.

    Nope. Philly is continuously doing questionable things to the point that it’s hard not to ask what they’re up to. They’re acting shady, and everyone is starting to take notice.

    Trump has even pointed out Philadelphia specifically, saying that it’s a “big problem.” He went on to say that “bad things happen in Philadelphia.” And if he’s wrong, Philly isn’t making it easy to prove that he’s wrong.

    The Philly Election Official has even gone as far as urging the GOP state legislature to outlaw “secrecy envelopes” for the mail-in ballots. Again, why would such a thing be needed? All over the country, such envelopes are used – it ensures that who a person voted for is kept secret until it is opened by election officials.

    Philadelphia and Pennsylvania as a whole have to do better. From the way they’re operating City Hall to the questionable behaviors of their voting process, they have to make it look more legitimate.

    Trump has every right to question what’s going on, especially if he receives no votes from that area. The Dems should be ashamed of themselves. The country deserves a fair election but they’re terrified of losing for a second round.


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