Dems’ Antisemitism! AOC Refuses to Meet With Jewish Community Leaders


    Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a never-ending fountain of hot takes and liberal gibberish since her first term began. She’s managed to remain on the national stage for some time now. By functioning as a Bernie Sanders surrogate, she ensured that her name always remained in the news cycle.

    Lately, she’s been keeping a pretty light schedule as far as her interactions with constituents are concerned. The Jewish community in her district are raising a number of concerns about this mentality. According to a report from the New York Post, prominent members of the community have been requesting meetings with Ocasio-Cortez.

    They would like to have a chance to discuss the issues that are truly important to their people. You would think that a freshman congresswoman would be willing to take a moment to sit down with them. At the moment, they are still waiting to be acknowledged. “I requested a meeting with her and it has not come to fruition,” said JCRC executive director Michael Miller.

    “A meeting has been requested on more than one occasion. It hasn’t happened. I’m still interested in meeting with her,” continued Miller. This is understandable enough, right? While most leftists will simply write this off as a minor oversight, there is no reason for AOC to have been so forgetful about the concerns of these citizens.

    The Jewish Community Relations Council and the New York Board of Rabbis are not going to continue to buy into any lame excuses. Both organizations remain heavily involved at every level of politics. They do not have any problems scoring a meeting with any other politician in the greater New York City region. So what gives when it comes to Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez?

    She cannot (and will not) find the time for them, which makes us wonder what has her so busy. For starters, the anti-Semitic attitudes of “The Squad” have already been placed on full display. There is no denying it. AOC has been criticizing the nation of Israel on a constant basis. Whenever Ilhan Omar decides to shoot her mouth off, she is always one of the first ones there in her corner.

    Anyone who has been paying attention to the news for the past two years is sure to remember more than a few examples of this. The New York City Jewish community has no shortage of causes to consider, which makes AOC’s behavior particularly egregious. The Big Apple is currently under siege, as violent crime continues to rise and Jewish residents are subjected to more and more attacks.

    In 2019, the Jewish population accounted for a sizable portion of all hate crime attacks. The Orthodox Jewish are at high risk because of their willingness to wear clothing that readily identifies them. Their hairstyles also make them easy to spot. Where is AOC’s concern for these folks? Numerous rabbis have been stabbed, leading to a series of large marches that allowed New York City residents to stand in solidarity with their city’s Jewish population.

    During Ocasio-Cortez’s time in office, she has yet to make time for one single meeting. We wish that this was an overstatement but it is the honest truth. All she wants to do is spend her time building her national profile so that she can position herself for bigger and better things. The less glamorous work of actually representing the residents of her city? There’s no real interest there, from the looks of it.

    In her case, this is probably not going to become a serious campaign issue that has to be addressed publicly. The primary race is already over. Ocasio-Cortez won with ease and New York’s 14th District skews heavily to the Democrats. If she really wants to become the next president (or whatever her future political aspirations may be), she may want to take the time to make it look like she cares about the concerns of Jewish citizens….even if she does not.


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