The Country Comes Together in Prayers for the President With One Exception – The Hateful Democratic Leadership


    Trump supporters have finally been able to exhale. Their many, many prayers were answered in a timely manner. President Trump seems to be pulling through and his bout with COVID-19 will be left in the rearview mirror soon enough. The Trump family was touched by the outpouring of support that they received during these trying times.

    “Incredible to see the love and support for @realDonaldTrump outside Walter Reed. I was just speaking to my father and know he loves and appreciates all of you!” tweeted Eric Trump. Other Twitter users who are not as close to the president shared links to their prayer rally and continued to send out their well-wishes.

    Catholics turned out in droves to say their prayers to President Trump. A Catholic nun arrived on the scene and shared a rosary with the supporters. One tweeter summed up the scene with the most beautiful post: “HAPPENING NOW: Sister Dede Byrne leads a decade of the rosary for President @realDonaldTrump and @FLOTUS in Marconi Plaza in South Philly.”

    This is not the type of thing that is normally associated with those who support Trump. This group is supposed to be full of angry monsters. Oh, wait, that group is actually on the other side! Newsmax even provided us with a touching moment over the weekend. One of their announcers decided to close their show with a special prayer for the president.

    Can you believe that a group of Sikhs even stopped to pay their respects to the president during his hour of need? “Sikhs perform Ardaas prayer for ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ outside Walter Reade! Nanak naam chardi kala; tere bhaney, sarbat da bhalla! In every Sikh daily prayer, we ask God’s blessings on all mankind. We are praying for the health of every man and woman, and for our president!” Harmeet K. Dhillon shared.

    This weekend was filled with miracles. It all started when Trump was able to leave his hospital bed and take a ride in his motorcade outside of Walter Reed Hospital. Now, the doctors are saying that Trump’s condition has greatly improved. All of the doomsday talk from before is gone. The night is always darkest just before the dawn, as the old saying goes.

    All of the prayers have worked. These people have come together to protect their president and their country. The only folks who are still refusing to come together are the Democrats. They are the first ones to point fingers at times like these. The Democrats think that it is more important to whine about whatever Trump did or did not do before he ended up in the hospital.

    Even when the diagnosis seemed a bit more dire on Friday, they were still not willing to set aside their differences and say the right thing. To be fair, Joe Biden and Barack Obama both offered up the same lukewarm “thoughts and prayers” hokum that they tend to trot out at times like these. Those two men wouldn’t know a genuine thought if it came up to them and bit them on the backside.

    Meanwhile, Ilhan Omar made sure to provide a message that made it seem as if she essentially blamed Trump for contracting the virus. There were very few “thoughts and prayers” being offered by Omar or any of her associates. If they could have openly celebrated the president’s bout with this potentially deadly illness, they would have. There’s not a single doubt in our minds.

    We just hope that all of our readers were able to avoid the liberal cesspool that broke out on Twitter once Trump’s illness became public. People were climbing all over themselves to make sure that their followers knew how woke they were, by predominantly rooting for the president’s death. That’s just the way things are now. Unfortunately for these people, they have no idea how silly and childish they look when they act this way.


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