Real American Dems Actually Like Amy Coney Barrett


    Suppose the establishment media, also known as the Democrat Party’s propaganda wing, is to be believed. In that case, Amy Coney Barrett is evil, crazy, and will ruin this country by overturning both Roe v. Wade and Obamacare. And as such, no one in their party likes her all that much.

    However, it would seem that, like most of their claims, this one isn’t all that reliable, especially when we take a look at a recent poll about the SCOTUS nominee.

    As it turns out, a whopping 24%, according to a Morning Consult/Politico poll, of all asked Democratic voters actually support her nomination.

    Now, I’m sure you just thought to yourself, ‘24% is not a whole hell of a lot.’ And you’d be right, to some degree. 24% certainly isn’t the majority, and compared to the other 75%, it doesn’t seem like it would get you very far.

    However, some other numbers need to be noted to get the full picture here.

    First is that a mere two weeks ago, when President Donald Trump officially announced her nomination, a measly 14% of Democrats like Barrett for the job. Her support has grown by double digits in the short weeks since.

    Secondly, you have to realize that on Sept. 26, when Barrett was nominated, 59% of Dem voters said they did not want her confirmed, and another 27% were up in the air about it. Since then, the amount of those saying they do not like Barrett for the replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has dropped to 52%. And those previously on the fence has fallen as well, which means Dems overall are softening to her, regardless of what the mainstream media outlets try to attack her with.

    And this isn’t only seen among Democrat voters.

    Republicans have increased their support of Barrett, as have independents. In fact, among indies, those in favor of Barrett’s confirmation has risen to 36% from 28% in the last two weeks. While the number of those who don’t like her hasn’t changed much, those on the fence have dropped considerably, from 40% to 33%.

    Furthermore, when we look at all voters asked, the poll shows that 46% now want Barrett to be confirmed in the coming weeks. That’s nearly 50% of all Americans. Two weeks ago, this number was at barely over 35%.

    So what does this tell us, besides the fact that the nation as a whole is looking more and more favorably at Barrett?

    It means that the Democrat Party or, at the least, the ones at the top who are touting how destructive a Barrett confirmation would be, are grossly out of touch with their base or the people they are supposed to be representing.

    Senator Chuck Schumer is one of those.

    When asked by Fox News about why not even meet with Barrett before the confirmation process began last week, he said, “I believe first the whole process has been illegitimate. And second, because she already stated that she is for overturning the ACA. I will not meet with her.”

    And Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut could only agree. Blumenthal stated that she was nothing more than part of an “illegitimate sham process,” costing Americans a voice.

    Democrat leaders and members of the press have also attacked Barrett on just about every front, trying to shame her for being a mother, adopting children, and even being a Catholic, which is precisely what both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden claim to be.

    But it seems Americans, according to this poll, have been unimpressed with these attacks. In fact, they might be serving as at least part of the reason why Americans like her so much.

    Despite being quite conservative, Barrett is everything the Democratic Party claims a woman should be, apart from being white and sexually “straight,” of course. She is accomplished, very educated, highly influential, and proven to be a powerhouse when she needs to be, as well as a working mother. Essentially, she is the epitome of woman power, which, as we know, is all the rage these days.

    And as it would turn out, shaming her for those attributes isn’t really going over all that well with the public.


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