Biden’s “Senility” Could Cost Him the Election, Forgets Mitt Romney’s Name


    By now, it’s pretty obvious to just about everyone that democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is losing it, and by it, I mean his mind. Gone are the days when even semi-eloquent speech, or even coherent thoughts, escaped his lips. Instead, all that we are left with is the ramblings a man with early-onset dementia.

    Don’t believe me?

    Let’s take a few minutes to review some of his more recent rumblings and inexplainable jargon.

    On Monday, as in the day before I am writing this, there were several. We can begin, well, at the beginning of the day, right before he boarded a plane bound for the battleground state of Ohio to speak to some auto workers.

    As is usual, reporters pretty much follow this guy around, and as such, a few were able to ask him a few questions right before his flight. Quite naturally, these questions were on the topic of Supreme Court justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett, as her confirmation hearings began that day. However, Biden’s answer to the questions was anything but natural.

    When questioned about Barrett’s religion, which is the same as Biden’s, being “considered” during the confirmation process, Biden noted that her “faith should not be considered.” He tried to explain this by bringing up his run-ins with Senator and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney in 2012 when the two ran for the office of vice president opposite each other.

    The only problem was the Biden couldn’t remember Romney’s name.

    Biden forgets Romney’s name

    “I got in trouble when we were running against that senator who was a Mormon, the governor”

    — Jewish Deplorable 🇺🇸 (@TrumpJew) October 12, 2020

    He said, “You may remember, I got in trouble when we were running against the senator who was a Mormon, the governor, OK? And I took him on, and nobody’s faith should be questioned.”

    He obviously remembered his past positions and his religion just fine. But not his name, or the fact that this little side story was supposed to be helping him make a point, which it didn’t. how, did Biden get “in trouble?” Why did it matter? We have no idea, but Biden said it none the less.

    And the day didn’t really get much better for him.

    Once he actually arrived in Ohio and began speaking, that’s when things got really bad. You know, like how he said that he was running “as a proud Democrat for the Senate.” You might remember that this isn’t the first time the former senator has mentioned this as his would-be position. He also said this in South Carolina to some voters in February.

    Then mid-speech, this rant came out.

    “Well, I tell you what. I uh – my dad was modelbile man. I got through uh – school, and we go through uhhh – being ableduleadt after we lost a job up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, eyadda move down to Delaware because uh, by cause it’s Ellen General Motors products – and so uhhh, I’ve known and my state – used to have the largest percentage of auto workers of any state in the nation.”

    That poor, poor sign language interpreter… I cannot think of a more challenging job at the moment. But I give him all the credit in the world. He struggled through, never seeming to skip a beat.

    And then if that wasn’t confusing enough, Biden ended his speech with all the tact of a three-year-old – complete with not knowing his next move or where to go next, which he verbally asked on stage before walking off.

    “Visit God Protect, Thank you. Which way am I going?”

    Just to let you know, that website doesn’t exist. I’m not sure what he was trying to say, but it definitely didn’t come out. But then to ask out loud in front of the mic, “Which way am I going?” There was only one way on and off the small auditorium stage, the same way he came on.

    And this is supposed to be the man we will trust with our nuclear launch codes, our laws and regulations, and our very lives?

    No wonder we have men like longtime newsman Brit Hume admitting on air that Biden’s “senility” is showing through and that it may cost him the election. How could anyone watch this and no say, “wait a minute, we really can’t have this guy in the White House?”


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