First Time Ever: Florida Police Chiefs Endorse President Trump


    There is a lot to be said with how law enforcement agencies worldwide are flocking to support the only candidate who has stated he is for law and order.

    The Democrats have made their point that they are for chaos and crime, while President Trump is for the country being secure. He alone has supported law enforcement men and women by giving them what they need to keep America safe.

    Joe Biden hates the police. He will not come right and say that he supports them. He would rather tell people that significant reform is needed. His plan for the police agency around the country is nothing short of law and order disbanding. He looks to strip away the power entrusted to them to enforce the laws of America.

    This is why the Florida Police Chiefs Association has stated that they support Donald Trump for the next four years. For the first time, this police association has thrown their hat in the ring for a Republican president. Biden has lost his last chance at getting at least one law enforcement endorsement.

    His lack of concern only proves that he is seeking to destroy law and order in the country. He wants to see open borders so the criminals can flow into America and not have to worry about being arrested for criminal activity. Biden’s plan would also make the people pay for his plan as he raises taxes on people and destroys the country’s wealth.

    A spokesperson for the association stated that “President Trump’s support of law enforcement is unmatched, and he continues to support law enforcement by ensuring we have the tools, training, and information we need to protect our communities.” He is a man that shows his support in action.

    His actions back up the president’s words. He makes it a point to federally support local law enforcement in liberal controlled areas by sending in the federal marshals to restore peace and safety in areas ignored by their Democratic overlords.

    Joe Biden does not stand a chance in the coming election. Every major association has thrown their support into the president’s circle. Places and people that would have once supported the Democrats have shifted their support to the Republicans. The left no longer represents the American dream.

    Joe Biden continues to lie when he claims he supports the police. The world knows he is lying because he is supported by people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar that are crying for the police to be defunded.

    There is no question that Biden secretly holds to the ideals of the socialist party of America. He just wants to make his blind liberal supports think that he cares about them.

    After all, he has come out and stated that voters are not worthy of knowing what he is thinking about the idea of packing the court. Deep down, he believes that the average American voter is stupid and cannot be trusted to know the truth about what he plans to do to the country.

    The Florida Police Chiefs Association knows that President Trump is so much better than Joe Biden. Their support of the man is a significant blow to the ego of Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats.

    The liberal party of America has long boasted about its supporters. They believed that they will always have their support. But the truth is that the Democrats are no longer the party they claim to be.

    President Trump is the person that can be trusted to do what he promises. For the past four years, he has provided people with proof that he cares about the country.

    He cares about the security and freedoms that are guaranteed by the Constitution. He has committed himself to protect those rights no matter what.

    Every Democrat that votes for Joe Biden is turning their backs on the United States. To vote Democrat is to be known as a traitor to American ideals and freedoms.

    President Trump has made the country more robust and better for all people regardless of their political views.


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