Michigan’s Governor Gets a Harsh Reality Check on Executive Orders


    For months, Gretchen Whitmer has been keeping the people of Michigan hostage. As the governor of the state, she believed she was keeping everyone safe from the pandemic. Instead, she was killing the economy and holding people against their will.

    As Governor Whitmer has fought the courts to maintain her control over the people, she has had to face a harsh reality. Not only does she not have that kind of control, but she is also one of the hated politicians in the country.

    While kidnapping is wrong, it’s not surprising that the FBI had to get involved with a kidnapping scheme where people were ready to kidnap Whitmer just to get their rights back.

    The executive orders that Whitmer made to deal with the pandemic were ruled unconstitutional. She appealed. The Michigan high court has identified that the orders were not valid and also denied her request for an extension of 28 more days of her coronavirus pandemic orders. The 1945 law that the governor used to draw powers from was deemed invalid.

    Whitmer’s executive orders not only required masks and limited crowd sizes but also closed a long list of businesses – the same businesses that have been opening up across the rest of the country for months now.

    The Republican-led legislature filed a lawsuit to identify that the 1945 emergency powers were unconstitutional – and the Justices voted accordingly.

    Part of Whitmer’s appeal was to use scare tactics that people would lose their COVID unemployment benefits. The problem is that she doesn’t have all of the power that she thinks she has. She’s only been on the job for one year – and clearly, she doesn’t know what she’s doing. The state has known it for quite some time. Now, she may have to come to terms with it on her own.

    The governor will now have to meet with the Speaker of the Michigan House and the Senate Majority Leader with her tail between her legs to get a bill passed.

    Governor Whitmer hasn’t been following the actual legal process for most of 2020. She simply throws out nonsensical executive orders left and right. She expected everyone to simply go along with it. Now, as she’s faced lawsuits and an attempt at kidnapping, she’s realizing that she’s a total failure – not that she’ll actually admit such a thing.

    Whitmer isn’t going to go down without a fight. She ordered Robert Gordon, the Director of the Department of Health and Human Services to reissue her executive orders – the same orders that the court has already struck down. The problem with that is that there are counties refusing to comply until they see how the courts will decide.

    The Michigan governor refuses to play nice with the GOP. Her intolerance is clear – and everyone is done dealing with her “my way or the highway” mentality. She is the embodiment of what most Dems claim that Trump is doing. So, if they want to prove that Dems work better with their partisan counterparts, they may want to hop the next plane to Michigan to help Whitmer get a hold of herself.

    Then again, as she continues to show what a monster she is, she’s going to make it easier for Trump to win over Michigan. Every resident has felt what it’s like to be terrorized by a Democrat who feels as though they have full control over their people. Whitmer has not bothered to do anything in a bipartisan way. She wants to rule in a way where she is the judge, jury, and executioner. Meanwhile, the economy is collapsing.

    For now, Michigan residents can rejoice knowing that the Republican-led legislature has their back. Perhaps, now, as many of the executive orders are walked back, people can get back to work. They can start to live their lives again and not have to worry about whether Whitmer wills it so or not.


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