17-Year Old Cancelled, Expelled for Sharing Conservative Thoughts on Instagram


    A 17-year-old student from a Virginia boarding school has found themselves in hot water because of a social media post.

    Since they are opposing the Black Lives Matter movement and posting conservative content on their page, people are furious. Mackenzie Andrysiak is the 17-year-old in question. She has now obtained a legal representative to help her through this ordeal.

    Jesse Binnall, who also represents Michael Flynn, will serve as her legal counsel as she files suit against the $36,000 per year high school.

    The young woman says that she has been subject to very harsh discipline. She is facing expulsion and claims that she has been being bullied for these conservative views. What has the school done about this?

    At this point in time, it is unclear. We are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt at the moment. Even one of the teachers has decided to join in with the bullies, though.

    He even referred to her as an expletive during this bizarre exchange. According to Binnall, the school has known about the harassment that Mackenzie is experiencing since June.

    If this is true and nothing has been done, the school is taking a very hypocritical stance. Instead of helping this student, they were not willing to do anything about it, if Binnall is telling the truth. He says that they encouraged the student to leave when she first brought these issues to their attention.

    The story was initially broken by Townhall. They pointed out the school’s huge tab for “Racism, Understanding, and Belonging”, which appears to be a reactionary measure because of the Black Lives Matter movement.

    The school even went so far as to bring in a speaker named Ibram X. Kendi. The socialist is perhaps best known for his book How To Be An Anti Racist, which is the latest tome that rests upon liberal shelves.

    What is going to happen to this student in the meantime? She will be facing a disciplinary hearing this week because she voiced her concerns about allowing Kendi to speak at the school. “Absolutely DISGUSTING that @episcopalhs let this man speak at our school. Unbelievable,” her post read. Mackenzie is also in trouble for taking direct aim at Fox News.

    She was not a fan of their report that referred to Amy Coney Barrett as a white colonizer, which was of course fueled by a Kendi appearance. This woman’s two adopted black children have been the topic of many conversations as of late. As it turns out, people are tired of watching the liberal mainstream find ways to trash her for this.

    That’s simply what they do, though. They are not there to report the news, they are there to make the liberals feel good about themselves. “She refused to bow to the school’s pressure. Once classes resumed last week, she returned to Alexandria from her home in Alaska. The school immediately put the wheels in motion to dismiss her, based upon factually accurate Instagram content that she shared from mainstream third parties,” says Binnall.

    “Now they are trying to railroad her through the process, but scheduling a hearing this week, as she tries to prepare for the PSAT,” he continued. Binnall went on to explain that “they are denying her any outside advisor or advocate at the hearing. She is limited to her school advisor or a faculty member, none of whom will advocate on her behalf or give her the impartial advice she needs or the emotional support she deserves before being put in front of a hard-left virtual firing squad.”

    His letter to the school reads, in part, “As you have threatened a disciplinary action this week, time is of the essence; I need to know today whether you intend to comply with your legal duties. If you are represented by counsel in this matter, please have him or her call me immediately so that we may work towards an amicable resolution of this unfortunate matter.”

    We hope that there is a satisfactory conclusion to all of this unpleasantness soon.


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