Biden’s Agenda Includes Permanent Mask Wearing as He Brings Himself to an End


    History will remember Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the party of the mask. Their reluctance to admit the lies that surround mask-wearing fuels their campaign. Behind the mask is the fear and torment of being forced to wear one. Biden pushes that the virus is very much alive and deadlier than ever. He also says a mask is the one thing that will save one’s life. His lying has led to people wearing a mask, behind a face shield, while wearing rubber gloves while driving alone in a car.

    Biden has yet to provide a clear plan on his thoughts about COVID-19. His words on the subject have been shady and jumbled since COVID-19 showed up seven months ago. He was quick to criticize the president and even quicker to put on his mask once the CDC recommended it. He is one that sits in his basement with a mask on.

    The Democratic Party is taking advantage of the American people. The pandemic has caused a lot of hurt and pain for people. And the liberals are quick to rub salt in the wounds by pushing the mask concept on people when it is no longer needed.

    The so-called effectiveness of the mask has changed in the past few months. First, it was said that one should wear a mask to protect themselves. Then it was changed that every person needs to wear one because it protects others around them. The truth is that a mask only protects the wearer from contracting the virus. And that is only if they are wearing the right kind of mask.

    The sad part about Biden’s lying to the people is that they are not protected any better than before. The mask is simply a ploy by the Democrats to control people. It is the same reason they cry foul every time the president shows up in public without a mask. They believe that he is going to infect someone with the virus.

    Democrats have nothing to stand on if they could not force people to strap on a mask. In Biden’s world, America is Islamic, and women have to cover their faces. This is one reason he does not have an issue with forcing people to do something they do not want. Something that ultimately is proven to be unconstitutional.

    The mask is a smokescreen that covers Biden’s true intentions to destroy the country. He wants to control healthcare, get rid of fossil fuels, raise taxes, kill off a prosperous economy through regulations, remove conservative values from the Supreme Court by packing it with liberals, and many other destructive things to the sovereignty of the nation.

    Harris loves the idea of being the vice president. After all, when Nancy Pelosi can get rid of Biden because of his dementia, she will become president, and Pelosi will be her evil sidekick. Harris is so evil that she makes Bernie Sanders look like a saint.

    Her voting record has never been one to classified as American. It stands right smack in the middle of a socialistic nightmare. Along with Biden, she has no plan for the country because her version of the country is one where she sits as a dictator and decides who gets to live and who must die based on their support of her devilish laws.

    Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrats are masters at hiding the crimes. Biden has been able to skirt around his involvement with his son’s illegal activities in Ukraine. He has been able to isolate himself from having anything to do with unconstitutional laws during Obama’s reign of terror. He is just Hillary Clinton, who has so far mysteriously disappeared from public exposure.

    Biden wants to make the face of the country disappear behind the mask. He wants to destroy the values that make America great. As the puppet, he has yet to realize that his strings are about to be cut. They will be cut if he loses or if he wins. And the end result of Biden will be in the ward of crazy house, where no one visits or even remembers why he was put there.


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