Finally, Newsom is Challenged for His Dictatorship Over California


    Gavin Newsom, the mayor of California, is acting as though he’s a dictator across the state. What he says goes. Or, does it?

    It turns out that Californians are tired of his antics – and he’s being challenged in the same way that Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan has been.

    He’s gone too far. Dems seem to think that they can do what they want and claim that it’s in the best interest of the people.

    Hundreds of executive orders have been issued. Businesses have been forced to shutter for months, well, except for his winery. He’s also sent billions of dollars to China (of all places) for masks, many of which couldn’t even pass NIOSH inspection.

    The lawsuits have been rolling in, challenging the authority that he has as governor to make all of these laws. Well, one is headed to trial on the 21st of October.

    The high court denied Newsom’s motion for judgment on the pleadings at the beginning of the week. The particular issue that this lawsuit deals with is Newsom’s authority to amend sections of the state’s elections code for the upcoming election.

    Two assembly members, James Gallagher and Kevin Kiley are the ones behind the lawsuit. Hundreds of pages of briefings were filed, only for Newsom to make a 20-page opposition brief. Kiley referred to the governor as being discombobulated and that his arguments were “cynical, bizarre, irrelevant, and misleading.”

    Gallagher and Kiley are quick to point out that Newsom is using scare tactics, deception, and diversions to maintain his power – even though it’s clear that the laws limit his powers in the areas of question.

    Newsom has been overstepping his bounds for quite some time. Similar to Whitmer of Michigan, he’s acting as the judge, jury, and executioner. He’s not working with the other powers of the state – he’s simply writing up executive orders left and right.

    Some of these orders don’t even pertain to the state of emergency. On September 24, for example, he issued an executive order that would ban gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

    He didn’t identify the Emergency Services Act in the ban, either. He has simply normalized this way of making law – and residents across the state are done with it all.

    To help make the case, Gallagher and Kiley borrowed from the Michigan Supreme Court’s ruling on Whitmer to explain how there is a violation of the constitutional separation-of-powers provision and the courts found that there was an unlawful delegation of power to the executive branch. Put simply, there was no balance of power – the executive branch (governor) was holding all of the power.

    It’s imperative that the state courts focus on this issue immediately – especially since Alex Padilla, Secretary of State, has issued 14 “emergency” regulations that will impact the upcoming election. Those regulations were based on an executive order created by Newsom – and that may be invalid based on the lawsuit.

    Gavin Newsom may get the same kind of wake-up call that Whitmer was given. He does not hold all the power, he’s not making the best decisions for the state, and he isn’t helping the people of the state with the decisions that he is making.

    The state’s House and Senate need to be involved in these decisions. Newsom cannot simply dictate the new laws of the land and expect people to move forward.

    This seems to be the power-hungry Dems’ modus operandi. They grab onto the state being in a state of emergency so that they can be the dictator instead of just the governor. It’s as if they’re using the pandemic to their own benefit.

    The worst part is that they don’t expect the citizens to either notice or care. Surprise, people are noticing and caring. It’s why more people are ready to jump the political line and vote for Trump in November. They know it’s the only way to issue a reality check to the Dems in power.


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