Social Media Censorship: The Left Refuses to Let You See the Bad in Biden


    The first amendment of the Constitution gives us the right to free speech. It is our right as Americans to publish what we want. It is then our right as Americans to decide what we want to believe. We can do our own fact-checking. We can determine if something is fake news or not.

    The problem is that social media has begun to censor the news to the point that they’re only allowing us to see one side. They’re taking away our right to see both sides.

    Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have sided with the left. You’ll only see stories that paint Joe Biden in a positive light. Anything else will be removed and identified as “unconfirmed” or “disputed.”

    Twitter wants to hold onto their policy that they don’t allow the “distribution of hacked material.” That’s all well and good, but if that’s the case, they have to make sure they don’t allow that on either side of the political spectrum.

    The New York Post published an expose on an email found on an old laptop belonging to Hunter Biden. It was left at a computer shop to get repaired. Biden never picked it up. Why? Who knows – perhaps he was too high to remember what computer shop he dropped it off at.

    Either way, it was uncovered that an email was sent from a Ukrainian official at Burisma thanking Hunter for introducing him to his father, Joe Biden. The meeting in DC was a success. This email was from 2015 – and would prove that Joe Biden lied about never meeting with or talking about Hunter Biden’s business associates.

    These are things that we, as Americans, have a right to know about. After all, Joe Biden is not just the former VP – he’s also the Democratic presidential candidate. If he’s meeting with Ukrainians and lying about it, we need to know. It will absolutely affect how we vote on November 3.

    Twitter and Facebook took the post down. The Post’s Twitter account was locked. Anyone who shared the link had their posts blocked. Why? Apparently, they decided that the Hunter Biden expose was based on using “hacked materials.”

    No research has been done at this point. Twitter simply pulled a ruling out of their back pocket and slapped it down to prevent anyone from being able to read about this. The New York Post obtained the information legally.

    It wasn’t hacked. It came right from the source of the laptop repair shop. Oh, and the FBI has also been brought in on the whole thing – as the owner of the laptop repair shop called them.

    If Twitter isn’t going to allow hacked material, that’s fine. But what about Trump’s tax records? Those were all over Twitter just last week. No one authorized them. They were absolutely “hacked materials” but they were allowed to stay up.

    Twitter and Facebook want to deem the link to the New York Post article about Hunter Biden as “potentially harmful.” Yeah, it’s harmful alright – harmful to the Biden campaign.

    They don’t want the truth to get out because they don’t want people to start questioning just how involved Joe Biden was in the whole Burisma deal. Ukraine was conducting an investigation into the company just months after Biden met with one of the top-ranking officials. Then, Biden used US money as a hostage tool to get the prosecutor fired.

    Each and every day, stories are posted to Twitter. Over time, they fall apart because of not having enough weight to them. Yet, they’re never actually taken down.

    The Atlantic posted a story about Trump referring to military members as losers and suckers. That story stayed, despite every person present at the event claiming that it was never said. Yet Twitter wants to say that there was a lack of authoritative reporting on what The Post shared regarding Hunter Biden.

    Social media is playing a dangerous game – and censorship has reached a breaking point where we cannot allow it to happen. They’re destroying the first amendment.

    Media outlets have proven that they’re against Trump. As for learning anything about Biden, we’ll never get to see the bad stuff because social media will block it every time.


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