How Trump’s Flipping California from Blue to Red at Warp Speed


    President Trump is turning the heads of liberals in every state. People are tired of the constant rip off schemes that define the Democratic Party. 2020 is the year that brought out the true nature of the Democrats. They are hateful and spiteful politician seeking their glory. Californians have had it the worst at the hands of the liberals. It is only natural that they should vote for President Trump.

    Kayleigh McEnany saw the number of people that welcomed the President to the state and was impressed. McEnany is the White House press secretary, so she made the point to report the number of people supporting the President.

    President Trump was visiting Palmer Luckey, who is the co-founder of Oculus Rift. He is a significant supporter of the Republican Party and had opened his home up to the President to conduct a fundraiser. The time that the President is set to spend with people will be fun.

    The Beach Boys are to come and perform. Tickets for the event have a range of $2,800 to $150,000 per person. The money that is being raised will be used to help Republicans win their elections. The future of California dramatically depends on the Republican Party, taking back control of the state government.

    McEnany wrote on Twitter that “Thousands upon thousands lined for miles along our motorcade route in CALIFORNIA to cheer on President @realDonaldTrump!!!!!” The push to make America great again has made President Trump great. And there is nothing that can change that.

    The conservative revival will start in a Republican stronghold, such as Newport Beach. The city is a breath of fresh air in the liberal run state. Fifty-seven thousand people vote in the city. Forty-eight percent of them are conservative, and 22.7 percent are liberal.

    Palmer Luckey is a billionaire that supports President Trump. He made his money by selling his company to Facebook a few years back. Ever since then, he has endorsed the conservative’s endeavors to make California great again. But the only way that the state will be great is by kicking the liberals out of office.

    President Trump made his three-hour appearance as the fundraiser event started with a lot of energy. Republicans are forecasted to take back the House. This will make a massive difference in the state and nationwide. The liberals under naughty Pelosi are destroying the country by refusing to fund presidential ideas.

    Liberals are quick to say that he was in the state to raise money and not support the people. They fail to realize that the President has a purpose for everything that he does. If his support ant presence provides momentum to local elections, he will be there to do what he can.

    Presidential supporters were quick to show their thanks as the President showed up. They stated that he is looking great and fully alert, which cannot be said of Biden.

    The President made sure to keep his media fan base out of the fundraiser. They were not allowed to follow him into the building. One businessman named Rusty Brown stated that “I think he did a great job. He was really down to earth; he didn’t go off the deep end. He wasn’t a narcissist today. He gave a good speech about where he sees the future of our country going if we don’t win this election.”

    The future of America depends on this election. Biden, the socialist, wants to destroy America by making it dependent on foreign countries. He wants to let criminals freely cross the border to attack southern residents.

    President Trump supports law and order and only wants to strengthen the country for everyone. He has the support of every police association and continues to draw support from liberal held states.

    The Democrats do not deserve to remain in power as they have turned their backs on the American people. They have joined forces with anti-American forces and embraces them with open arms. President Trump saw the support that he was going to get in California, and it was enough to turn the blue state red on the map for 2020.


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