The Truth’s out! Biden Confirms He’s Open to Court-Packing but Won’t Tell Voters What He Is Going to Do


    Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos hosted the Joe Biden townhall on ABC last night because we all know Joe needs a host that won’t press him too hard. With that being said, the town hall was still filled with interesting moments. They tried their best to make sure that Biden only received softball questions but that didn’t keep him safe.

    When Biden was asked about his view when it comes to Supreme Court-packing, the response was a predictable one. Biden has not been willing to directly engage with one of these questions in some time. Now, he is finally putting it all out there. It’s good to see him picking a path and sticking with it.

    He admitted publicly that he is ready to pack the Supreme Court in order t get his way. The man is a Marxist hiding in plain sight. The Democratic party is already starting to make their plans for what they will do once they have regained control of the White House. These are the types of statements that should disqualify any candidate from being able to run for president.

    Joe Biden: “I’m open” to packing the Supreme Court

    — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) October 16, 2020

    Biden knows that the leftists are not going to turn out in droves unless he provides certain reassurances ahead of time. While the party has been openly flirting with the idea of packing the Supreme Court for some time now, they have yet to push Biden into a definitive statement. Not to worry, though. He left himself some wiggle room.

    By saying that he is “open” to the idea, he is absolving himself of all responsibility. If it works out in his favor, he’ll pack the courts without a second thought. If Biden takes a look at the tea leaves when the time comes and decides to take a more cautious approach? Well, those are the breaks and it doesn’t matter because the vote has already been cast.

    Sleepy Joe is very good at hemming and hawing. Let’s say that Biden is able to pull off the upset and make his way into the White House. The court-packing question is sure to be on the tip of everyone’s tongues. By this point in time, who knows where America will be? There’s a strong possibility that there will be any number of other (far more) pressing concerns.

    This can work in one of two ways. In one scenario, Biden gets to the White House and the first priority is a stimulus package. Or, in a more plausible version of this scenario, the first priorities are another lockdown and mask mandates. Once that part is out of the way, there will be a prolonged discussion about a stimulus package.

    The GOP will have a modest but reasonable proposal. Nancy Pelosi will get involved and demand that everyone receive a sizable check. In reality, the Democrats are going to start preparing their colossal proposal, chock full of additional spending for vaguely liberal causes. There’s another scenario but that one isn’t all that fun either.

    Biden can also use all of the above as a means of ramming the Supreme Court-packing decision through as easily as possible. People are less likely to offer dissent when they are being bribed to stay indoors. They can also opt for the classic ‘late Friday news dump’ option when they are truly ready to start the proceedings in earnest. Either way, there is no reason for anyone to be alarmed.

    This is just business as usual. There’s no outcome here that is going to come as a surprise to anyone who knows Biden’s work. He won’t do anything until it has been run up all of the proper flagpoles. Barack’s opinion will be solicited, the Clinton family will have to weigh in, and so on and so forth. It’s going to take a while before the Biden bot can process all of the information and decide what his ultimate opinion will be.


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