Thousands of Californians Line the Street to Greet Trump in Newport Beach


    President Trump traveled to Newport Beach, California on Sunday. A fundraising event was taking place at the private estate of Palmer Luckey and Richard Grennell was also on hand. As a conservative seaside city in Orange County, this area is typically known as a Republican stronghold. Of course, there are those who remember how the Democrats were able to flip Orange County.

    They harvested as many illegal ballots as they needed to. This is how they were able to unseat the Republican lawmakers in the area. When President Trump’s motorcade arrived on Sunday, the streets of Newport Beach were lined with well-wishers. These folks wanted to let Trump know that he has plenty of support here.

    “California loves @realDonaldTrump! Was so awesome that @RichardGrenell was hanging out the window of the police car leading the charge, closely followed by the Trump motorcade! #MAGA,” tweeted Jeff Dornik. “USA! USA! USA!” rang out the shouts from the crowd. These are the stories that we like to see.

    California loves @realDonaldTrump!

    Was so awesome that @RichardGrenell was hanging out the window of the police car leading the charge, closely followed by the Trump motorcade!#MAGA

    — Jeff Dornik (@JeffTheGK) October 18, 2020

    This crowd was not as whitewashed as the liberals would like you to believe, either. We saw people of all races and backgrounds at this event. Jeff Dornik was so happy about the turnout, a second tweet was issued. “Let me tell you, the enthusiasm for @realDonaldTrump is a level I’ve never experienced before. People of all races and backgrounds were there and one of the most patriotic experiences… All to welcome our president to OC. @RichardGrenell #FourMoreYears #MAGA #KAG #TRUMP,” he said.

    The videos that were taken from the event were truly inspirational. The mainstream media sources who are practically acting like the election is over already may not want to show this. These supporters are lined up for miles and miles. President Trump himself even expressed his appreciation to the crowd.

    “THANK YOU Newport Beach, California! Now on my way to Carson City, Nevada. Another big crowd, see you soon! #MAGA,” Trump tweeted. These are the tweets that do not get the same level of attention as they should. This is a man who knows how to express his gratitude to those who have decided to turn out and support him.

    Additional footage of the gathering was also provided, depicting Trump waving to his followers. These people were not going to allow themselves to be swayed by mainstream media narratives. They have nothing but respect for their president. We look forward to seeing the rest of his rallies before the election takes place.

    Trump is definitely not one for the early lids, like his opponent. He’s not looking to find excuses to call it a day. He’s going to keep pushing because that is all he knows. In a country full of people who do not want to see him win because of the lies that they have been fed by the mainstream media, it is great to see.

    His supporters are not willing to hide, even when the polls go out of their way to diminish their existence. Events like these go a long way toward shattering the silly myth about the “shy” Trump voters. Those who support the president do so loudly and proudly. They are not going to be scared away by the media and they are not going to be kept in the shadows any longer.

    Orange County may have been lost to harvesting but these folks have decided to restore order. Hopefully, the liberals who reside here are not counting their chickens before they have even had the chance to hatch. The election is not over yet and Trump still has a number of other stops on his dossier.

    He’s heading to Nevada next. We look forward to seeing which other locations are going to be included in his west coast tour. California may still be saved yet…if President Trump is able to carry out his second term and realize his vision of continuing to keep America great.


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