Dem Senator Coons Confirms Dems Will Rush to Court Packing if Biden Wins


    Democratic Senator and Biden surrogate Chris Coons is doing everything that he can to pitch his preferred candidate to the world. He paid a visit to the State of the Union this past weekend to speak with Jake Tapper.

    Tapper asked the question that is weighing on everyone’s minds at the moment. He wanted to know if Biden and Harris planned on packing the Supreme Court if the Democrats emerge victoriously.

    It’s a fair question to ask, for sure. Coons is more willing to speak about this openly than the candidates. He says that there is a good chance this can happen. He couched it by saying they were “open” to the idea but we all know what that means in political speak. By indicating that he is receptive to the plan, he is providing us with all of the information that we need.

    The phrasing of this answer should also give conservatives major pause. “If we happen to be in the fact pattern where we have a President Biden, we’ll have to look at what the right steps are to rebalance our federal judiciary,” Coons said. Biden may be deflecting these questions but Coons is not hiding in the slightest.

    The manner in which Coons referred to this idea lets you know exactly how the Democrats are thinking. The use of the phrase “rebalance our federal judiciary” says a lot.

    It’s doing a ton of heavy lifting in this instance. At the moment, the Supreme Court is not even out of balance. They are merely missing one Associate Justice.

    As soon as Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation process is over, this is no longer a problem. The balance issue at that point is only a problem if you are on the left side of the aisle. No one else is going to mind.

    The Democrats are coming across like the sorest of losers at this point and we cannot stop laughing. There’s no reason to do this unless you are someone who has to have your own way.

    Coons was happy to drop some more clues, too. He’s not interested in balance, he wants dominance. That’s the Democratic party to a T. They are not here to work with the right side of the aisle.

    Their idea of balance is actually about control. The Supreme Court gets all of the attention but Trump has been doing his best to provide true balance to the nation’s court systems at all levels.

    There are some Democrats who are worried about the legendarily liberal Ninth Circuit turning conservative. Coons might be offering an even more terrifying hint at this point.

    There’s a strong possibility that the Democrats could be considering court-packing at all stages of the government. This would allow them to regain control of the Ninth Circuit, as well as other ruling bodies.

    Twelve circuit courts could be affected by this decision. The Democrats were probably banking on most people focusing on the problems with the Supreme Court. Coons may have let their cat out of the bag a little too soon with these cryptic remarks.

    The GOP is now going to be paying closer attention to what is going on in the other courts that are in danger of being packed.

    Even if the Democrats win in November, this process is not going to be as easy as they think. Coons is sadly mistaken if he thinks that this process will be smooth.

    The Democrats have not stopped to think about a few things. They would not hold onto the White House for all eternity. Their majority status is as fleeting as anyone else’s.

    The GOP is also not above petty retaliation. If the Democrats decide that they are going to pack the courts, they are sure to respond in kind.

    Before you know it, the Ninth Circuit will need a concert arena just to hold its regular sessions. This is the door the Democrats are opening….


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