Democratic Candidate Cori Bush Calls to Defund the Pentagon and Surrender the Country


    Justice Democrat and Black Lives Matter organizer Cori Bush has decided to take her communism to a whole new level with this latest speech.

    During August’s Democrat primary in Missouri District 1 representing St. Louis City, she was able to defeat Representative Lacy Clay. If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s because she was quite vocal during the Ferguson riots of 2014.

    When she won the race in August, she let the world know exactly where her allegiances lie by shouting out the far left. “@CoriBush thanks @BernieSanders during her victory speech: “Let me also thank somebody who stood with me that did not have to stand with me, [somebody] that you all probably know very well — I gotta call out Senator Bernie Sanders,” she said during the ensuing celebration.

    Bush is continuing to lead the protests this year. In fact, she was even mentioned directly by the McCloskeys when they visited the RNC. “Consider this, Marxist, liberal activist leading the mob to our neighborhood, stood outside our home with a bullhorn screaming, ‘You can’t stop the revolution.’” “Just weeks later, that same Marxist activist won the Democratic nomination to hold a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

    As an unapologetic radical, Bush has made more than a few enemies. She seems to believe that there are zero consequences for the things that she has been saying.

    Now, she is taking the insanity to a different place. Bush is telling anyone who will listen that she is going to strip the military of their funding and use the monies to pay for various social services.

    “If you’re having a bad day, just think of all the social services we’re going to fund after we defund the Pentagon,” Bush tweeted earlier this week.

    As you would have guessed, it got plenty of leftist retweets. Ilhan Omar was one of the first to share this terrifying message with her followers. How have we already progressed to this degree?

    The American people have spoken. They were not fans of the whole ‘defund the police’ idea so why would they want to strip the military of their funding? Americans could be left totally defenseless if these contrarians have their way on the matter. Bush may not have widespread support but these plans have enough traction to give anyone serious pause.

    The communists and far-left members that are taking over the Democrat party are leading them in a terrible direction. This party was already hanging on by a thread but now they are truly off the wall. Defunding the police at least made some level of sense, if you were willing to follow along with the explanations.

    There are cities that could probably benefit from taking a closer look at their budget distribution. That’s not to say that the police need to lose all of their funding. We’re just trying to take a fair and balanced approach here. When it comes to the military, we cannot seem to find a good reason for their defunding.

    This does not help the American people as much as someone like Bush wants their followers to think. St. Louis has given themselves over to the leftists and the summer that they have endured because of that decision was a tough one. If people are not willing to step up and vote out these types of thinkers, things are only going to continue to get worse and worse.

    The bar gets lower and lower for the Democrats with every single day that passes now. They are not going to stop trying to reshape themselves to appease communists. What was once a party of moderates and centrists has now become a far-left laughingstock.

    Maybe someday the Democrats will see fit to elevate a candidate who is not doing everything in their power to keep the nation divided. In the meantime, we are not going to be holding our breath.


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