The Economy’s Already Improving, Despite Liberal Intervention


    The Dems would love nothing more than to point the downturned economy and blame it all on President Trump. The reality is that the economy was in a good position before the pandemic struck. The Dow was up, unemployment was down, and life was great.

    Now, as we inch closer to Election Day, the economy seems to be improving – and faster than many analysts had anticipated. That’s bad news for the Dems because they’d rather have the economy in the toilet simply because it means that it could help Biden.

    Would the Dems really prefer that the US have a bad economy right now? Yes. Across the country, there are Dem-led cities that are doing nothing to help the economy. They know that if it’s bad enough, people will blame Trump – and that gives more votes to Biden. Let’s face it. Biden needs all the help that he can get.

    The labor market is growing stronger every single week. The new claims for unemployment benefits are continuously decreasing. This is a great measure to show that the economy is starting to rebound. New claims are coming in at 787,000 for the week when analysts had planned for around 865,000. The numbers are the lowest they’ve been since March.

    Although weekly claims tend to be volatile, the four-week moving averages are also dropping.

    Americans have already come to terms with the fact that there’s not going to be any kind of economic stimulus coming out of Congress. Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, has become determined not to work with the Trump administration prior to Election Day. The problem is that she’s not likely to be too eager to work on it after Election Day, either, since it may take weeks to determine who won. And if Trump does win again, she’ll be calling for impeachment instead of focusing on the needs of the American people. In regard to Pelosi, the best thing that we can hope for is that the House chooses a new Speaker come January for the new Congress.

    Much of the problem with the economy comes from the Dem-led states. They’re not opening their restaurants. They’re not opening their theme parks. They’re keeping people in lockdown to the point that people can’t go where they want – and that’s leading to many hitting the unemployment office.

    As many states still have quarantine restrictions for traveling out of the state, there is less demand for flights – and that means that thousands of workers are being laid off by the airlines. The Congressional deal that offered billions of funding to keep workers paid through the pandemic expired in September.

    Despite all of this going on, the average for continuing unemployment claims is dropping – by about 1 million claims. At this rate, the economy could be back to where it was before the pandemic by spring of 2021 – faster than anyone anticipated. And that’s all being done under Trump’s leadership. Now just imagine what would happen if some of the bigger states like New York and California would open up. Herd immunity is a thing, and we’re going to need it if we’re supposed to survive the pandemic in the long-term.

    The Dems are just upset because they don’t get to claim responsibility for the improvements. The economy is rebounding now instead of after a Democratic president gets into office. It’s even rebounding despite the House Dems not agreeing to any kind of economic stimulus package. The US is a lot stronger than the Dems want to give the country credit for – and much of it has to do with the executive orders created by Trump.

    Who knows what we could have dealt with if a Dem was the one sitting in the Oval Office? Dems are known for being fiscally irresponsible and the last thing we need is Biden stepping in to ruin the improved economy with a socialist agenda.


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