Diva! After Chastising Everyone Mispronouncing Her Name Kamala Does It Herself


    Joe Biden did well by choosing a younger counterpart for a running mate. Kamala Harris knows deep down that this is the closest she is ever getting to the United States presidency. By allowing Biden to rest up in the basement while she handles the campaigning, she is doing everything in her power to make sure she curries favor.

    Biden’s campaign is relying on surrogates to an insane degree. In addition to Harris, her husband and Biden’s wife Jill are both being pressed into duty. No wonder Harris jumped at this chance. She cannot wait to act like she was president once upon a time, much like Biden does. In the meantime, Sleepy Joe gets to rest up in the basement until the election is over.

    We understand why they are placing him in bubble wrap until the election is over. Harris is still relatively young and spry. Biden is old and frail. He’s also got a tendency to fly into rages at inopportune moments. Everyone has noticed this decision and your take on it will probably depend on your political affiliation.

    Democrat voters probably think that this is a genius maneuver. Those who are conservative are not as easily impressed. Harris might be viewed as the better option to handle certain aspects of the campaign trail. Maybe Biden’s dementia is starting to rub off on her? The same woman who was chosen to handle the speeches on his behalf cannot seem to get through them without major gaffes.

    She tried to pump up the Ohio crowd that she was meeting with but did not even seem to know what state she was in. A hot mic caught her asking an aide if they were actually in Cleveland. She did not get off to a great start during this particular engagement. It did not take long for the clip of her asking about their location to make the rounds.

    C-SPAN was on hand filming, so it’s easy to see how the clip got around so quickly. The Biden campaign tipped off the press and that’s why they were on hand. Maybe they should have thought of this before Harris started to speak. Once she was given the confirmation of her location, she yelled “Hey, Cleveland, it’s Kamala!”

    We noticed something interesting about this clip, too. The pronunciation was “Kam-a-la” which is not what we have been told. We have gotten enough scolding for not going with the “Ka-mah-la” pronunciation. Now, we want an apology. This is how the woman has chosen to pronounce her own name. How can we keep getting yelled at if she makes the same mistake herself?

    Anyone who wouldn’t pronounce her name correctly was called a racist or sexist but now that’s all forgotten. The scolds who are always ready to pipe up at any time don’t have much to say today. Those are the ones who need to be apologizing to everyone that they have whined to since the election cycle started.

    Biden knew what he was doing when he chose her, though. The attorney general can assuage the right-leaning moderates and her minority status pacifies the liberals. The latter group loves to call everyone racists because that’s all they know. When you spend all of your time on Twitter, this is the only method of communication that starts to make sense to you. Harris is here to dispel the myths herself but that’s not going to matter to them.

    Expecting the liberals to let go of an excuse to call people racist is hilarious. Biden rubbed off on Harris some more when she proclaimed that over 220 million Americans were dead because of COVID-19. The number is in the 220,000 range but old Sleepy Kamala couldn’t keep it straight. As long as Joe won’t break a sweat, she needs to start getting it together. Otherwise, states like Georgia and Texas are going to remain red.


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