Hillary Clinton Unleashes Fury as She’s Still Mad She Lost to Trump


    Why is it that Hillary Clinton is still talking? She holds no public office. Her chances of becoming president are long gone, and yet she’s still complaining.

    In a New York Times Opinion podcast, Clinton took to the airwaves to talk about how a female president would have done a better job handling the COVID-19 pandemic. Especially if it were her. She actually added that part to clarify.

    There’s no female president running. There’s a female VP, but that’s not the same. So, this publicity stunt clearly isn’t focused on helping the Biden-Harris campaign. Instead, it’s to (yet again) remind people that she’s upset about losing to Trump in 2016.

    It’s been four years. She needs to let it go. But, she can’t. She’s incapable of moving on.

    It gets pretty sickening as she begins to talk about herself. “I have no doubt, especially if it were me. No, I mean I was born for that. I mean that’s why I knew I’d be a good president.” She was born to handle a pandemic? She’s absolutely delusional.

    She believes that she would have been able to handle it better than Trump by listening to science and bringing people in and communicating constantly. Hmm, that sounds a lot like what President Trump did. He didn’t make any of the decisions on his own. He had the CDC and Dr. Fauci providing him with the science. Dr. Fauci has said that he doesn’t think Trump could have done anything differently. And the CDC kept changing its mind on how to deal with the pandemic that they weren’t providing much direction at all.

    Oh, and because she loves to hear herself talk, she let out a few other gems throughout the podcast. She talked about how the pandemic would be a “terrible crisis to waste” and the importance of promoting universal health care at this time. That’s right – she wanted to use the crisis as a way to promote a political topic. And she has the audacity to wonder why she’s not the sitting president right now.

    As if that wasn’t enough, she also accused President Trump of using “racist rhetoric” when he talked about COVID. Apparently, because he talked about the virus originating in China (which it did) and that the Communist government allowed it to escape (which they did), that’s racist. She’s ignorant enough to think that simply speaking about another country is racist.

    Perhaps Clinton lost touch with reality a long time ago. This is a woman who has staked her entire career on being strong and being a role model for women, showing how a leader is made. Yet, she stood by her husband when he made her the laughing stock of the country by having an affair with an intern half his age. Hillary Clinton stood by his side throughout the Monica Lewinsky incident not because she was a dedicated wife but because she wanted to maintain the political ties. Any other strong-willed woman would have left him – but she showed weakness because she didn’t want to sever the political connections that he offered.

    Hillary Clinton talks. She doesn’t listen. She doesn’t provide any benefit from the words that come out of her mouth. She simply talks to lift herself up. And every time she talks, the only thing that people hear is a bitter woman who lost an election.

    Does she blame herself? Does she use these four years to figure out where she went wrong? No. In her mind, she is blameless. Instead, she’ll blame Donald Trump and Russia for the loss. She believes she should have won, down to her very core.

    And as to why she didn’t win? Well, it’s hard for Republicans to give her the vote when she calls them “spineless” and “deplorable.” Perhaps she should ponder on that for a while.


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