Biden Calls a Lid Panicking After Bobulinski Interview Airs on Tucker Carlson


    Joe Biden sure does love his early lids, doesn’t he? This is a man who never met an early bedtime that he didn’t enjoy. The Tony Bobulinski interview on Fox News probably sent him over the edge. Bobulinski accused Biden of engaging in outlandish lies about his level of involvement in his son Hunter’s various dealings with foreign businesses.

    Sleepy Joe may have claimed that he wasn’t involved but the evidence on hand says otherwise. There is just one week left until the presidential election now. Biden plans on staying home for the remainder of the campaign. He will be delivering some pre-prepared remarks on the COVID-19 pandemic once he is briefed by public health experts.

    A remote fundraiser is also on the docket at the moment. “Biden isn’t traveling tomorrow. Instead, he’ll be focused on Covid, getting briefed by public health experts and then speaking on “his plans to beat COVID-19, lower health care costs, and protect Americans with pre-existing conditions,” his campaign says,” according to Jennifer Epstein. This tweet was sent an hour after the interview.

    It’s hard to ignore that obvious coincidence but we are sure that the leftists will find a way to do so. Devon Heinen provided a closer look at the campaign guidance from Biden. “Wednesday, #Biden will give a speech re: “his plans to beat #COVID19, lower health care costs, and protect Americans with pre-existing conditions,” acc’d to campaign daily guidance. The speech follows a briefing Biden will get briefed by public health experts. #Coronavirus,” said Heinen.

    Biden planned on making an unscheduled appearance in Pennsylvania this week and that’s about it. This stop has already taken place. He tried to visit Georgia but he was greeted with all sorts of chants about the whereabouts of his son. “Per pool report, “Along the route into Warm Springs, President Trump supporters, with signs, flags, and cutouts of Trump, more than doubled the number of Biden fans,” says Hanna Trudo.

    Meanwhile, the current president has taken to the streets with great vigor. After surviving his battle with COVID-19, he’s decided that he is not going to stop campaigning until the votes are being counted. He’ll be having multiple rallies over the next few days and we cannot wait to see what unfolds from there. Anyone who thought that the president would be sitting back and resting is sorely mistaken.

    Trump will not be taking it easy at all. Joe Biden may feel comfortable with this sort of strategy but the current president does not. The voters are actually going to have the chance to hear from this candidate, while leftists continue to make excuses for the inactivity of their precious Biden. If Biden wants to stay inside for the foreseeable future, that’s on him. He’s free to make that decision any time he wants.

    As for the GOP? They are not going to be following in Biden’s sleepy footsteps. They are playing to win. Biden and company are operating as if their lead is too big to be frittered away. The polls are tightening but they are acting as if the election is already won. Even though the experts are warning that the race is still closer than they think, that has not stopped them from thinking they are in the clear.

    If the Democrats want to bank on the “COVID-19 will keep all of the voters at home, so we have already won” plan, they are more than welcome to do just that. The conservatives who have been told that we have no chance are sure to step up to the plate. They are not going to stay indoors because the Democrats have told them to.

    That’s a guarantee. Conservative voters are also not going to be bullied out of their rallies by the mainstream media, either. The narratives that have been concocted may have scared the leftists into action but the rest of us are not as easy to convince.


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