Democrats to Blame For Violence Erupting Over Forced Mask Mandates


    The pandemic has caused a lot of trouble and hardship for many people around the world and within the United States. Health concerns and mandates continue to be a problem in many areas of the country.

    The worst areas are those that are controlled by fear pushing Democrats. These are the places where masks are mandated, or people cannot be out in public. The issue has caused such a divide that some are resorting to violence.

    Most of the violent encounters over the mask mandates are just a bunch of meaningless words thrown back and forth at people. But there are times when the encounter turns physically violent and sometimes deadly. This is the case of two sisters that were not going to obey store rules and put on a mask before entering the store.

    The two killers approached the storefront seeking entrance when they were greeted by an employee charged with making sure people used hand sanitizer and a face mask before entering the store.

    Instead of complying with store policy and rules, they argued with the employee and told him what they thought of the mask requirement and store policy.

    The store employee was not about to let them enter the store. Then, Jessica Hill and Jayla Hill pulled out a knife and jumped on started stabbing him all over in a brutal murder attempt.

    The younger sister held the man to the floor using his hair while the older sister stabbed him repeatedly. He ended up being stabbed 27 different times.

    The 32-year old man did not stand a chance to defend himself as these two sisters quickly put an end to his life in a gruesome act of violence.

    What is truly disturbing about these two crazy killers is that Jayla used her phone and recorded the murder. She took a video of the violence and the pain and suffering of the man lying on the floor fighting for his life.

    The sisters hired a lawyer to defend them in court. Both of them appeared at their bail hearing, where their insane lawyer stated that they were only acting in self-defense. The judge denied bail to the would-be killers.

    Self-defense is only defined as the use of force so as to stop an attacker. Once that force exceeds the attacker and does not stop, that person becomes the aggressor.

    Pulling a weapon on someone and holding them to the ground, and stabbing them 27 times is not self-defense. It is a blatant disregard for human life.

    The hill sisters were willing to give up their freedom because of their hatred of the mask mandate. The longer the Democrats push masks on people, the worse things are going to get. But that is precisely what they want to see. The Democrats want people fighting each other so they can hide their dastardly deeds.

    The mask mandates put businesses in a tight spot as they must enforce the mandate on people. Often the employees are used to enforce the rules. Democratic leaders make rules but never include a way of enforcing the law. So, the stores are left vulnerable and often pay the price for the fears of the liberals.

    In a separate matter, one customer stated that “We are in America here land of the free. Look at all of these sheep that are here, all wearing this mask that is actually dangerous for them.” She blasted these words at a different store and their employees.

    The Democrats are using fear to control people. They want to make Americans bow to their wishes and make them dependent on them for life, liberty, and happiness. The path of liberalism leads to socialism, which ends in destruction for anyone who refuses to obey the Democrat’s way of things.

    President Trump serves the people. He was elected to uphold law and order and to lead America back to the path of greatness. Everything he has done has only strengthened the country and makes the American dream available to anyone that is smart enough to take it. But they must work it for themselves in order for it to become a reality for them.


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