Incompetence and Disinterest? It Sounds Like Obama is Trying Too Hard


    On Tuesday, former President Barack Obama stood in front of a crowd in Orlando, Florida to campaign for Biden. It was hardly impressive considering that Obama wanted nothing to do with him during the primaries. Since he’s the last one standing (barely), Obama will stand behind him.

    “We can’t afford 4 more years of this.” That’s what Obama told the crowd. Four more years of what, exactly? Four more years of a good economy? Four more years of improved relations around the globe? Four more years of improved unemployment numbers?

    Barack Obama is trying too hard to be liked by the Democratic Party at the moment, calling Trump things like “incompetent” and “disinterested.”

    According to Obama, President Trump is incompetent and disinterested when it comes to handling the pandemic. Perhaps he’d like it if Trump were to pull a Whitmer and lock the entire country up? Perhaps he’d like it if Trump were to pull a Cuomo and make such bad executive calls that killed countless senior citizens?

    The harsh reality is that Democrats aren’t handling the pandemic any better. No one wants to continue dealing with COVID-19, yet here we are. It’s not a crisis unique to the United States. All over the globe, countries are dealing with it. While some are dealing with it better than others, even countries that thought they had it under control are dealing with a second wave.

    Obama doesn’t want to talk about any of the amazing things that Biden is going to do as president. He doesn’t want to talk about the ways in which the pandemic could have been handled better. Instead, he simply wants to criticize.

    Yes, there are 225,00 people dead in the country – and many are because of listening to Democratic leaders like Andrew Cuomo and Bill DeBlasio. More than 100,000 small businesses have closed – and many are closed because of dealing with Democratic executive orders in California, Michigan, and other Democratic cities.

    Come on, Obama. You can do better than that.

    Oh, never mind. Obama also took a cheap shot at Trump saying that he’s “jealous of COVID’s media coverage.”

    No, Obama. Trump is simply tired of being beaten over the head by the pandemic details. Yes, it’s a crisis. Yes, we’re working to overcome it. However, people have been dealing with this for months and mental health has to be taken into consideration. Americans cannot continue to hear anything but COVID in the news. We have to be able to focus on other things, too. It’s the only way to stop harping on the negative and move forward with our lives.

    Obama said that if Trump had been focused on COVID from the very beginning, we wouldn’t be seeing record highs across the country. Hmm, so when Trump closed off travel from China and Biden said that it was too extreme, that wasn’t being focused on the problem?

    The Dems want to rewrite history to help their own causes look better. Trump was on top of the pandemic faster than anyone, despite the Dems calling it too extreme. Bill DeBlasio was telling New York City to go out and catch a show instead of urging a lockdown like Trump was suggesting.

    Somehow, Obama thinks that he’ll get the votes to come pouring in for Joe Biden. It’s all for show, though. It’s all so that he can stay in the good graces of the Democratic Party. Obama abandoned Biden during the primaries, saying that he wanted to sit back and watch the candidates stand on their own. Meanwhile, Biden could have used the support of Obama since they served in the White House together for four years.

    Now, Obama wants to tout Biden as this amazing candidate. Yet, he still doesn’t say anything about why we should vote in Biden – only why we shouldn’t vote in Trump. That’s not a good enough reason, and it just shows why the “vote blue no matter who” campaign slogan will go down in history as the worst ever. People care about who they’re voting for, yet Obama can’t seem to find anything positive to say about Biden.


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