Pelosi Refuses to Move Stimulus Forward, Afraid It Might Help Trump by Helping Suffering Americans


    We need all of our readers to go ahead and face the facts here. This simply was not going to happen before the election. We have known this since the end of July when the initial deadline came and went. It was easy to read the tea leaves at that time. The Democrats basically believe that they have been dealt a winning hand with the whole situation and they are sitting on that hand now.

    Nancy Pelosi deserves a fair amount of blame but Mitch McConnell’s hands are not clean, either. Mitch is not willing to consider any deal that is being proposed by the Democrats. While it is in Trump’s best interests to tweet about “going big”, McConnell does not have much motivation to come back to the bargaining table either.

    The Democrats are trying to use their perceived advantage to ram through a bunch of provisions that have nothing to do with anything. Of course, Mitch is not going to let that happen on his watch. The idea of passing a stimulus bill that allows the Democrats to run roughshod over this party does not sit well.

    Trump needing the W does not change anything. This is a party that always takes a long term point of view. They are not likely to be swayed by momentary concerns. Why doesn’t Nancy Pelosi simply call the president’s bluff, though? He’s dying to get a bill pushed through so that he can win over any voters that are still undecided at the last minute.

    Pelosi feels as if any deal will help Trump and she is content to blame the delays on everyone else. This is her usual plan of action. No one is surprised in the slightest. Blaming others is the Nancy Pelosi special. The leftists who think that she has it all figured out are not inclined to ask any real questions about her lack of activity because she’ll just lie to them anyway.

    There is a deal on the table right now, for $1.8 trillion. This is significantly less than what the Democrats have asked for. That’s why they are in no hurry to take this particular deal. In their minds, it will make them look weak to their base and they simply cannot have that. It’s too close to the election for them to be taking any sort of chances.

    The saddest part of all is that this is a game to the Democrats. Since they think that they are about to win the White House back, they have decided that they do not have to play nice any longer. That’s not to say that they were playing nice, to begin with, but that’s neither here nor there. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany also dropped a major bombshell.

    She said that the Democrats’ proposal included checks for illegal immigrants, making it a total nonstarter. “The chances are slim when you have someone like Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House when you look at the proposal they put forward and it still stands today,” she told Fox Business Network. “This is not serious if we’re providing stimulus relief for the American people, it should be just that, for American people, for U.S. citizens,” she continued. “So it’s on her.”

    Pelosi is now standing in the way of a major proposal that could provide tangible relief for many Americans. October recess is about to begin and senators are leaving town. The window has closed at this point but the Democrats do not care one iota. We are willing to bet that something will be passed once the election has come and gone, however.

    By the time the senators return in November, another package should be on the table. Neither side seems too willing to behave in their own best interests right now. It remains to be seen as to when they will decide to get serious about helping working-class Americans.


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