More USPS Workers Found Dumping Ballots Ahead of Election


    Democrats all over the country are pushing hard to cheat their way to the White House. They have tried just about everything to create an environment that they can use to get away with their fraudulent methods. The United States Postal Service is their latest playground of ballot stuffing. They are pushing so hard that many postal employees have had enough of the number of ballots coming through the system.

    The Democrats want to use the mail service to vote this year. They want to expand the system so it could handle the increase rapidly. The Postmaster refused, which led to a battle between the House and the White House. In the end, the White House won and protected the USPS from being used as a puppet organization for the Democrats to cheat.

    The fear of COVID-19 pushed by Democrats has led to people still mailing their ballots in. That has caused some postal employees over the edge. They started throwing ballots in the trash instead of delivering them to the people that requested them.

    One employee in Kentucky is facing charges after he was caught dumping them in the trash. In just about every battle state, there are reports of this taking place. There have also been reports of some lazy liberals setting ballot boxes on fire because they want their forgetful candidate to win the White House.

    Every delivery person has to work overtime at certain times of the year. The election year is that time of the year for the mail service. They have instructed their people to work the maximum number of hours to see that ballots are delivered to the homes.

    It is a tricky dance that the Postmaster has to walk as he must look at deadlines and election laws in every state. But it is not an impossible task. The USPS has stated that their “number one priority between now and the November election is the secure, timely delivery of the nation’s Election Mail.” The company is “deploying extraordinary measures, expedited handling, extra deliveries, and special pickups.” Their efforts are nothing that they have not done in the past.

    They have also stated that “These measures are on top of additional resources the Postal Service has allocated throughout October, including, but not limited to, expanded processing procedures, extra transportation, extra delivery and collection trips, and over time, to ensure that Election Mail reaches its intended destination in a timely manner.”

    This is a far cry from what the Democrats were claiming about the USPS. They tried to flood the company with unneeded funds to dictate how it was all to happen. The Democrats wanted to control the USPS so they could cheat during the election.

    President Trump saw right through their criminal intent. He is standing in their way so they cannot fraudulently create more votes for themselves. He vetoed their attempt to fund a USPS expansion to handle more ballots fully. But that was never needed in the past, and it is not needed now.

    The liberals are also setting ballot boxes on fire with the hopes of keeping the president from getting all of his votes. The person that started the fire has never been caught. But it stands to reason that it is a person from the groups that riot. They seem to love to set things on fire and attack people.

    Joe Biden and his pathetic club of fools make it sound like the world is coming to an end. His plan for America is to shut it down and turn to control the country to its enemies. China will rule America under Biden. He plans to keep America dependent on other countries and take the greatness out of the picture.

    President Trump wants to keep making America great. He has been clear on his plan for the next four years. Joe Biden is scared of that plan because he knows that he will be found out as a fraud, and the other Democrats that hide in the shadows will be exposed as enemies of the country. The president stands for freedom and believes the greatness of the country must be protected.


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