SEAL Team Six Springs Into Action Rescuing American Hostage in Covert Operation


    When American citizens encounter dangerous life-threatening situations in other areas of the world, the best surefire way to get them out of the jam quickly is by calling in the Navy. Not a 12,000-ton aircraft carrier or a deep-sea-diving sub mind you. You secretly reach out to SEAL Team Six.

    Sometimes referred to as Task Force Blue, these highly trained operatives are the best of the best. They eat nails for breakfast. Though capable of going into a situation fast and hard if needed, it isn’t their preferred method. They prefer a cover of darkness as they silently approach their target. Once in place, they strike swiftly and strategically, accomplishing their mission quickly and with pinpoint accuracy.

    A guy doing some serious mission work in Niger got himself in a bit of a bind when a group of armed bandits decided he would make a pretty good hostage. Philipe Nathan Walton, 27, was working on his farm located in Massalata in the southern region of Niger when he was abducted and suddenly whisked away.

    The thugs figured they could make a few bucks by demanding a handsome ransom from Walton’s father who also took part in the missions work. The dad wasted no time informing the proper authorities, and the elite commandos were immediately set into action before the abductors could get very far.

    Extremists have been having a field day in Niger with much of the activity being linked to the Islamic State group and al Qaida. Just recently six French aid workers along with their tour guide were brutally attacked and killed as they were visiting a wildlife refuge located just outside of the capital city.

    In late 2017, rebels from the Islamic State group ambushed U.S. and Nigerian soldiers as they were entering the village of Tongo Tongo. Five Nigerian soldiers and four U.S. Green Beret’s lost their lives. In addition, two U.S. soldiers, including their commander, and eight of the Nigerians were wounded.

    The operation to rescue Walton was a joint effort between Niger, Nigeria, and the U.S. The respective governments acted swiftly. Through a coordinated effort, SEAL Team Six flawlessly carried out their mission, killing all but one of the captors.

    Walton’s farm is located in Niger, very near the Nigerian border, where he resides with his wife and their young daughter. The captors had approached him while he was outside working and asked him for money. When Walton showed them all he had was $40, this was not enough for them so they opted for a spur of the moment kidnapping plan.

    Nigerian officials said they believe the men to have been part of a larger terrorist’s based group, but their motive, in this case, was only money so this is not being viewed as terrorist-related. However, in far too many cases to count, hostages are sold to terrorist groups as slaves, or for possible militant conversion.

    This is precisely why the U.S. called on SEAL Team Six to act so quickly. Had the kidnappers had time to arrange a sale of Walton to al Qaida or ISIS, which they would have done as a plan B had they received no ransom money, the situation would have escalated and become far more dangerous.

    It’s a comfort to know that when the going gets rough, this team of selfless American patriots can always be counted on to come to the rescue, no matter the danger involved.


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