Stories of Biden and Money Laundering Aren’t Anything New


    Joe Biden isn’t the sweet and innocent old man that he wants America to believe that he is. After all, he’s the father of a drug addict who’s been making shady deals all over the globe. And he’s been sharing in the honey pot every step of the way.

    Oh, but that’s just the GOP trying to get a leg-up for the Trump reelection campaign, right?

    If you listen to liberal media long enough, you’ll think that every bad piece of press about Biden is simply to drag him down in the polls. It’s either a smear campaign or it’s because of Russian disinformation campaigns.

    The problem with believing liberal media is that you would assume that the notion of Biden and money laundering is something new. But, it’s not. It’s been going on for quite some time, and it’s been on the radar of the Justice Department since 2019.

    In 2019, the FBI opened up a criminal investigation into Hunter Biden as well as his associates. It has focused its attention on money laundering allegations. So, case closed? Not even close. The case is still open and active.

    Tony Bobulinksi, a former business associate of Hunter Biden, can attest to the FBI investigation. After all, he’s been questioned by six agents and had his cell phones closely examined. He’s also listed as a “material witness” in the investigation.

    Bobulinksi has also publicly stated that he is aware of two face-to-face meetings that Joe Biden took with associates of his son having to do with business deals in China. This statement was made on October 22 – and the FBI interviewed him the very next day.

    Election Day is less than a week away. Millions of people have already cast their votes throughout mail-in ballots and early voting options at the polling stations.

    This means that it’s very possible that Joe Biden could be identified as the winner of the election despite being implicated in an ongoing FBI investigation.

    Since investigations have been going on behind the scenes for over a year, it means that Joe Biden isn’t as clean as he claims to be. He has said on multiple occasions that he doesn’t have anything to do with his son’s business deals. The two don’t even talk about business.

    That has already been proven as a lie thanks to not only the email uncovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop but also the testimony of Tony Bobulinski.

    Joe Biden’s a liar. He may have ties to Communist China. He may have helped his son make some deals that involve money laundering. Oh, and he may have profited off some of the unscrupulous business deals that took place in both Ukraine and China.

    That’s not even taking into consideration that he personally held US money hostage in order to get the prosecutor on his son’s investigation in Ukraine fired.

    Yet, we’re still allowing him to sit on the ballot as the presidential nominee for the Democratic National Party.

    What happens next? It all depends. If the FBI decides that Biden is guilty, they could implicate him. He’d have to step down as the nominee – and the DNC would have to appoint another candidate and the voting starts all over again.

    If he wins the election and is inaugurated before it can be found that he’s guilty of money laundering and anything else illegal, Congress will impeach him. Impeachment is really the last thing we want, though, because Kamala Harris would become president.

    It’s too little too late. The likelihood of the FBI had some incredible breakthroughs on Joe and Hunter Biden within the next week is low. So, the Dems have managed to hide the truth on Biden long enough to allow someone who is as shady as they come to enter onto the ballot.

    We can only hope that enough people don’t want to see Biden as their next president because it’s simply too late to do anything else.


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