Defund the Police: Radical Left Riots Explode in Philadelphia


    The Democrats’ #DefundthePolice agenda has come to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – and the transformation is fast and furious.

    Thanks to ANTIFA and radical Black Lives Matter anarchists, the City of Brotherly Love has descended into the City of Hate and Mob Violence.

    Mob violence has rocked Philadelphia since last week when a vagrant with a knife charged police and they were forced to use lethal force. Naturally, the Left-Wing Anarchists used the opportunity not to protest “racial injustice” but to burn down neighborhoods, smash the windows of local small businesses, and raid Best Buy and Footlocker for flat-screen TVs and Air Jordan sneakers.

    And where are Philadelphia’s local elected leaders in all of this? Amid deadly rioting and surging violence, the Radical Left politicians in the Philadelphia City Council are using this moment of crisis and carnage to ram through their EXTREME anti-law enforcement, defund the police agenda.

    On Thursday, the Philadelphia City Council, which ostensibly wants to stop police violence, passed a ban on police using non-lethal munitions such as tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets on protestors and demonstrators. Yes, you read that right: the Philadelphia City Council just stripped Philadelphia PD’s only non-lethal means of keeping the peace in the city amidst a week of horrific nonstop rioting and death.

    Noting the obvious, the vice president of the Fraternal Order of Police, Roosevelt Poplar, said “So, basically, you’re taking away non-lethal munitions, and you’re leaving them with only one tool, and that’s a deadly weapon tool, which is a gun.”

    “The ban passes at a time of demonstrations and unrest after the police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., and days before an election where demonstrations are expected regardless of the result,” the Philadelphia City Council stated in a press release.

    Socialist Kool-Aid Drinker and Philadelphia City Councilmember Helen Gym – who, funnily enough, wants to keep all the gyms closed – said such a ban would help “re-establish trust” between the public and law enforcement, speciously adding that “residential neighborhoods are not war zones” and “demonstrators are not enemy combatants.” Tell that to the ANTIFA thugs throwing Molotov cocktails in minority-owned barbershops and destroying low-income housing. The Left eats itself.

    “This is a first step in working with our communities to build a new model for public safety that is driven by their needs and their vision for the future,” stated Gym.

    This “new model” for public safety that Councilmember Gym refers to is one of anarchy, disorder, and violence. Philadelphia is a city at war with itself right now because of the Far Left Fascists who are hell-bent on destroying public order and peace.

    The Philadelphia City Council’s ban on the Philadelphia Police’s use of non-lethal force makes it the largest American city to enact such a ban. It is now up to Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, a left-wing looney democrat himself, to sign the bill. If signed, expect Philadelphia to slide into even greater violence as thugs and criminals use the opportunity to wreak havoc across the city.

    The Fraternal Order of Police is punching back, stating that the whole point of “less than lethal” force for crowd control is to limit violence.

    It seems that the mental disease of Radical Leftism has even affected the top ranks of Philadelphia PD, with Deputy Police Commissioner Melvin Singleton allegedly ordering his police officers to “not arrest looters just disperse them.”

    Why wait until Black Friday when you can just loot Philadelphia now for free?

    Think it can’t happen where you live? The Radical Left’s Defund the Police agenda is coming soon to a neighborhood near you.


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