Loony Left Finally Realizes How Law and Order Works as They are Charged With Criminal Activity


    Liberals and Democrats believe that they are above the law. They think that they can act; however, they want and do things to people considered illegal under normal circumstances. When Black Lives Matter and other Democratic hired groups terrorized the country, they did criminal things. But many of them thought that they would never get caught since there were so many people at the riot sites.

    But many of them are finding out just how wrong they are about being above the law. Four men that were arrested at the riot sites are being charged with crimes severe enough to lock them away for a long time.

    Anthony David Ale Smith, Carlos Matchett, and Kahlif Miller are charged with two arson counts as they both set a police vehicle on fire. The fourth man, Ayoub Tabri, is charged with another count of arson as he set a police vehicle on fire. They are also being charged with obstructing law enforcement operations during a time of civil disorder. All of them face seven years in prison and $750,000 in fines.

    Their reign of terror comes with a high price. They will lose their freedoms, the best years of their life and be forever in debt for their part in pointless demonstrations.

    William McSwain is the U.S. attorney for eastern Pennsylvania. He stated that “We take that responsibility very seriously. But violence is not speech. There is no right to riot, loot, rob, destroy or commit arson. If you engage in violent civil unrest and commit a federal crime in this district, we will come after you as hard as we can because residents deserve safe and secure neighborhoods, not mayhem.”

    The actions of these four men are at the heart of what it means to be a Democrat. The party stands for unrest and criminal intent. These four criminals will take the fall for their liberal masters’ willful desire to gain more power for themselves.

    The arsons burned vehicles, and one of them oven threw a flare into the state police vehicle. The unit was positioned to keep traffic away from the protestors so as to keep them safe. The protected became the problem.

    Each vehicle had its windows smashed out, items inside taken, and then were set on fire. Each riot had further looting, burglary, vandalism, and other acts of violence during the civil unrest. People are allowed to protest and assemble peacefully, but once an act of violence takes place, it is no longer legal and must be stopped.

    FBI Raids Home Of Activist, Teacher Anthony Smith, Arrests Him https://t.co/FKIoYfrL3r #press #feedly pic.twitter.com/o3HGjbPFHU

    — Coopmike48 (@coopmike48) October 29, 2020

    Matthew Varisco is a special agent from Philadelphia. He stated that “These individuals were not in the city to participate in a peaceful protest. Instead, it appears they posed as protestors and allegedly set fire to a Pennsylvania State Police vehicle and a Philadelphia Police vehicle. Arson is an extremely violent act which presents a tremendous threat to public safety.” Their actions could have resulted in death and significant fires breaking out.

    What is sad about the arrests is that liberals are questioning the validity of them being charged with crimes. They believe that the move is political, and they want to make an example of them by police officers. But the truth is that they committed crimes and must answer for them.

    One of the men arrested was named Philadelphia Magazine’s most influential people for his activism. But his actions have, but all erased his influence as it stands as illegal and criminal. The man stated once that “We have shown the city that mistreatment will be met with resistance.”

    He does not deserve to be praised or made into some kind of political hero. He deserves seven years behind bars and $750,000 in fines.

    President Trump is the only candidate that is supporting law enforcement and law and order. He has stated that he will continue to push for the country’s security and seek to keep all Americans safe from domestic and international threats. A vote for President Trump is a vote for the future of the United States. A vote for Biden is a vote for the destruction of America.


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