Want to Know Who’s Paying These Left-Wing Radical Protesters?…We Found Out…His Name Is…


    Paid protesters. We know it happens. Buses full of sign carriers with crisp $50 bills in their pockets are told how to act. They’re instructed on what level of violence they need to insight. Once their performance has ended they go home and await their next call to action.

    The unanswered question of just who is paying these people is one that’s been kicked around and pondered by just about anyone who follows politics. Somebody is shelling out a lot of loot.

    There are many speculations concerning where the money is flowing in from, but the manner in which it’s done makes it near impossible to pinpoint the culprits. But every now and then one of the contributors gets identified. And one of them just did. It may come as no great surprise that his name is Warren Buffett.

    In 2016 during the Dakota Pipeline fiasco, protesters interrupted the construction of an underground oil pipeline to connect the Bakken shale oil fields in North Dakota with a large storage facility in Illinois. Many of the 700 screamers and chanters who were arrested, in actuality, could not have cared less about why they were there. They had absolutely no skin in the game whatsoever.

    Some 26-year-old guy from Portland, Oregon, bailed hundreds of the protesters out. He openly admitted to forking out over $100,000 to free these birds from their cages.

    Upon investigation by the “Daily Caller,” it was discovered that the young man had a connection with a radical environmental group known for stirring the pot of discourse at every given opportunity. It was further discovered that the group is funded, at least in part, by none other than Buffett. Who’s surprised? It’s a rhetorical question. That means we already know the answer…

    When construction was slated to begin, thousands of wannabe activists swooped down like vultures on the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in protest. They claimed the pipeline would pollute drinking water and desecrate the tribal land many of them never cared about before or even knew was there.

    According to Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, on Sept. 3, 2016, the up until then peaceful demonstration became, “more like a riot.” The protesters trespassed on private property after tearing down fences and beating security guards with fence posts and aluminum flagpoles.

    One of the guards received a wooden stake in his side before a mob trampled on him, while others were threatened by knife-wielding maniacs and kicked by horses. Even dogs were not off-limits. Two of them received severe injuries requiring transport to an emergency vet clinic.

    Violence, multiple injuries, massive property damage, and full-scale rioting continued for weeks. Now here is where things begin to develop. Out of the 700 arrests, 93% of those thrown in the slammer were from outside of North Dakota, according to police documents. Read that again…

    Joseph Haythorn was the young dude who bailed them out, probably due to a standing agreement arranged ahead of time. The charges ranged from disorderly conduct to inciting a riot.

    An analysis of all bond money initially paid shows Haythorn bailing out 80 protesters to the tune of $30,000 each. But this was just the beginning. He must have needed to find an ATM because he came back later and sprung more of them. When all was said and done, the mysterious stranger bailed out 500 of them.

    In an email, Haythorn wrote, “In a single mass arrest on October 27, 2016, over 100 people were charged with felonies. Bonds were set at a minimum of $1,500 (some were $5,000),” He remembers paying more than $100,000 freeing people on that one day alone. “I kept cash on hand in case people were arrested after-hours or on the weekend, first in a lockbox, then in a locking zippered bag,” he said.

    “Individual lawyers sometimes took money out of their own pockets to sustain me between the camps and jails, others would occasionally buy me a meal at Prairie Knights. My parents helped me financially and materially to maintain my presence,” Haythorn added.

    He shied away from telling anyone about his involvement with an intricate network of nonprofit organizations that receive their funding from a wide array of donors. These donors include some of the wealthiest individuals and the richest foundations in the world. Money is no object.

    Rather than going into the tangled web of coverup nonprofits that readily exchange money in their successful efforts at burying what they illegally keep for themselves, suffice it to say that Warren Buffett has a $182 million dollar stake in the mess.

    Buffett’s stake has little to nothing to do with environmental concerns or tribal land. One of his holding companies, BNSF, owns and operates a railroad with the capability of delivering oil and natural gas from North Dakota to every oil terminal located in the Midwest.

    Long story short, he didn’t want to lose a lucrative business and it was well worth spending a great deal of money to see that he didn’t. Haythorn was merely a pawn in the process. He was a money delivery boy at best.

    Despite Buffett’s attempt at stopping progress in the name of personal profit, the pipeline was completed, and Buffett lost his ass. End of story.


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