Mainstream Media Report Surprising Group Slid Toward Trump Despite Media’s Best Efforts to Shame Them Left


    It likely comes as no surprise to anyone that the Democrat party thinks themselves the kings and queens of the Black vote in America. However, President Donald Trump seems to have done something that the ever lauded “first black president,” former President Barack Obama, couldn’t do, and that is to continue to attract more Black men to his party.

    Even though he never plays basketball with NBA players, or talks about what it’s like to be a Black man in Americ today; he never plays the race card or talks about how terrible it is to be a black person in America, and yet, even according to a mainstream media source like NBC News, Black men have been becoming more and more of an unstable asset for the Democratic National Convention, ever since (oh the irony) 2008.

    “Most Black men supported Biden, but overall, Democrats have been losing Black male support since 2008, according to NBC exit poll data,” the mainstream outlet reported.

    According to the same article, “Support for the Democratic presidential candidate reached a new low among Black men this year,” and that was confirmed by an NBC News poll of early and Election Day voters.

    “Eighty percent of Black men supported Joe Biden, down slightly from Hilary Clinton’s 82 percent in 2016 but significantly down from Barack Obama’s level of support among Black men in 2012 and 2008,” NBC reported.

    The article went on to admit that despite having someone who claimed to emulate everything that Black Americans were going through in their everyday lives, the quickly rising political star, Obama, and his decidedly Black family, began to hemorrhage Black men from their voting roster. According to NBC, “95 percent of Black male voters and 96 percent of Black women chose him. Four years later, support from Black women remained at 96 percent for Obama’s 2012 re-election, while the figure for Black men slid to 87 percent.”

    But the damage didn’t stop there, as it seems that Black men were even less impressed with the DNC’s next offering as was evidenced by their further departure from the party ballot.

    “In 2016, when the nominee was Hillary Clinton, Black men dropped further to 82 percent while Black women’s support for Clinton remained high at 94 percent,” NBC reported. “Biden came close to matching that this year, garnering the support of 91 percent of Black women.”

    But the question then arises, if Black Americans are leaving the Dems, who are they voting for? It looks as if they’re moving their loyalty toward President Donald Trump, and yes, it was intentional on Trump’s part.

    The president made no bones about his intention to show Black people in America what the Democratic party was doing for them: bupkus. Well, technically, whatever the negative version of bupkus is. The Trump team doubled down on pointing out how Democrats, while they claim to be the champion of the Black voter, actually exploit them for political gain, and it looks like it’s working.

    “Support for the Democratic presidential candidate, in general, appears to be slipping among Black women as well, but to a much smaller degree,” NBC reported.  “There were a few groups that appear to have driven this shift toward President Donald Trump among Black men. Over half of Black men (52 percent) who identified as ideologically conservative cast their vote for the president and 1 in 3 Black men living in the Midwest also voted for him.”

    So what can Democrats learn from the Trump campaign about how to win Black votes? Don’t lie. Yeah, it’s that simple. Nobody promised Black people more than the DNC and nobody delivered them more than the Trump administration. Under-promise and over-deliver, that’s all any of us are looking for. Oh, and don’t tell people they can’t be Black if they don’t vote for you, that’s just dumb.


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