Montana Passes 2nd Amendment Referendum Despite Being Outspent


    If you’re anything like me, seeing the not so official presidential winner tout about his success and all the changes he’s going to be making has got you a little down, to say the least. However, along with the fact that the election process is not entirely done and over with, there are other good things to focus on in this hour.

    Take the many wins by Republicans in the House of Representatives that nearly allowed the flip of party majority. Or the fact that Democrats also lost in the Senate, securing the majority there stays with conservatives.

    But we also have to note smaller wins all over the nation that continues to prove that no matter what mainstream media says, the political left isn’t nearly as popular as they want you to think.

    One example of this comes from the northwestern state of Montana, where voters just passed a law that protects the Second Amendment right statewide.

    As I am sure you are well aware, gun control groups have been trying for years in states all over to restrict gun use on a national level. However, they have had little success.

    And so they have changed tactics, focusing on smaller areas such as local or municipal governments. It basically boils down to getting mayors, city council members, and local law enforcement to see the dangers of firearms and subsequently ban them in some form or another in their jurisdiction.

    But this law proves that this isn’t exactly what the citizens want, at least not in Montana.

    According to the Free Beacon, “Montana voters blocked localities from instituting their own gun restrictions on Tuesday despite a massive spending campaign by gun-control advocates. The referendum, which passed with 51 percent support, bars localities from exercising ‘any power that applies to or affects the right to keep or bear arms.’ Cities, counties, or other local authorities will no longer be able to regulate where Montanans with state permits can concealed-carry their firearms, restrict people from owning guns beyond what state or federal law says, or limit where they can openly carry firearms outside of government buildings.”

    Now, I’m sure, you probably aren’t all that surprised about such a law being passed in Montana. I mean, this is Big Sky country, a place where the wilds of nature are never-ending, and the land is still vastly reminiscent of the Wild West. It is also noted that just over 52 percent of all residents own at least one gun.

    However, that is precisely why gun-control groups have chosen it as a battlefield for Second Amendment rights. This year alone, Everytown for Gun Safety, an anti-gun group owned by Michael Bloomberg, spent nearly two million dollars opposing this move, creating advertisement after advertisement on the danger of guns. By the way, that is 27 times the amount the NRA spent pushing the referendum in the state.

    And yet the bill was still passed, thanks to voters all over Montana.

    It is also worth noting that this is the second time Montana has tried to implement such a law. Last year, it was pushed through as typical legislation. And while it passed in both state houses, Democratic Governor Steve Bullock was quick to veto it.

    So I guess it’s a good thing this year was an election year, which allowed the measure to be added to the 2020 ballot, and the citizens of Montana themselves vote on it and put it into effect.

    This also proves how out of touch most of the liberal left is from those they are supposed to be representing or speaking for. As I mentioned, Dems have been trying to ban guns of all kinds for what seems like forever. And yet, they never seem to get very far in their pursuit, beyond wasting billions of dollars that would be wisely used elsewhere.

    Why do you think that is? Could it be that they’ve forgotten what their job is supposed to entail? That they have once again neglected the needs of the people and the nation over the wants of their party’s desire for more power and control?

    Thankfully, according to this year’s vote, it seems the people are not willing to give them what they want.


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