Oops, We Found Some More! Mystery Ballots Dropped in Detroit at 4 Am (Video)


    The morning after election day, a shocking scene unfolded at a vote counting center in Detroit, Michigan. These suspicious activities took place during the cover of night. Since they decided to unload these mystery ballots at 4 AM, it’s hard to come up with a legitimate reason for this behavior. Kellye SoRelle is responsible for taking the video and we are grateful for her efforts.

    This Texas lawyer and member of Lawyers for Trump was on the scene, capturing the footage. Someone was shown loading a wagon full of ballots and bringing that instead. SoRelle hopes to sound “alarms that the box may have been a ballot box that arrived long after all ballots were expected to have been received at the counting facility.” This is very crucial footage.

    According to the report on the website, “other images appear to show suitcases and coolers moving in and out of the secure area where mail-in ballots were being counted during a shift change at 4 a.m.” But wait….there’s more! “According to SoRelle, visitors were able to enter and leave the facility where the votes are being counted without any identification check. The workers were apparently working in six-hour shifts, meaning they did not have a need for overnight luggage,” the report continues.

    The Trump campaign has taken notice of the rampant cheating. They are filing lawsuits in numerous states, in hopes of putting a stop to the counting before it is too late. The campaign simply wants to be granted access to the ballots to make sure that any and all cheating is stamped out before it has a chance to happen. It’s always important to be proactive in these situations.

    An administration that does not want to be cheated has to create the terms of engagement. While Democrats probably would have taken to the streets to set fire to random buildings in this scenario, the Trump administration is taking the fight to the courtroom. The campaign is committed to fairness, decency, and continuing to fight for the principles of democracy.

    “We have filed suit today in the Michigan Court of Claims to halt counting until meaningful access has been granted. We also demand to review those ballots which were opened and counted while we did not have meaningful access,” read the statement from the Trump administration. Blatant cheating has already started in a number of cities.

    Perhaps the leftists are hoping that they can cheat in enough cities for the Feds to get distracted. Maybe if they’re looking for the voter fraudsters in 10 cities at once, it will make it tougher for them to be caught? Surely, that’s the rationale here. No wonder the current president has been forced to file suit in so many different states.

    That’s the only way to guarantee a fair election anymore. In the United States, there are a number of languages that are spoken. The one that always seems to get the job done? Litigation. Unless lawsuits are filed, nothing ever happens. We would be waiting for weeks to find out more about the true results of the election.

    Who knows how long this is going to take now, though? To be fair, if lawsuits are being filed, this could prolong the process in very unforeseen ways. We could be waiting for quite some time now before we are hearing anything definitive. Biden may already be firing off his tweets about rejoining the Paris Accord but not so fast, sleepy man.

    If he’s not careful, he could end up on the wrong end of a quote tweet for the ages. Trump is already in an ornery mood, given the current circumstances. There’s a good chance he may decide to poke at Biden a little bit in the meantime. It’s not like he has anything better to do. Until things change, there’s no way that a lame-duck president can be expected to get anything accomplished. His hands are tied until the process is fair.


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