Fox Jumps Into Bed With CNN and Betrayed Every Conservative


    Conservatives are under attack, and there is no doubt that betrayal was a part of it all. Fox News has been a favorite of conservatives as a source of news and reports. That is until they jumped into bed with the liberals on election night.

    Fox News started out well reporting the election as it moved along. It did not take long for viewers to notice that something was not right about the reporting. Midway through the night, Fox decided to make a call on a state that was clearly President Trump’s to win. They would declare Biden the winner in Arizona.

    The bought-out news station acted like they were just as surprised as the viewers. When the decision desk was asked about it, all that was provided was laughing and smiles. They acted like they were able to pull a fast one on the American people.

    Fox fans are leaving in droves because of the apparent betrayal and biased opinion that the news station had that night. Everyone knew at that moment that the election was rigged. Five other states would silently join in on the terrible act of cheating so that a staunch liberal would sit in the White House for the next four-year term.

    And now it seems that the cheating is zeroing in on two Senate seats in Georgia. The Democrats need those two seats to control the government. They cheated at the ballot box, so there is no reason why they won’t try it in a Georgia runoff election.

    Fox News even went the way of communism censoring as they deliberately blocked a show that was about to reveal the fraud that took place. Instead, the betrayers aired Joe Biden’s speech. The show was canceled because it was set to “expose the vote fraud that took place in the election.”

    Fox News stated that the program run by Jeanine Pirro would air again in about a week. A time frame just long enough to make any allegations irrelevant. Viewers are furious over the betrayal and censoring that took place. Fox News is just as bad as CNN with their biased reporting and lying opinions.

    The sad fact that Arizona was reported to be Biden’s early starts to show that Fox knew about the fake ballots that were going to be released into the system. At that moment, the election was hijacked, and the slow death of a fair night was over.

    An unidentified Strategic Marketing analyst stated that “I knew Mishkin had to be a Democrat when I heard him on election night. He had that supercilious, know-it-all manner that simply reeked Democrat. He kept talking about his statistical models using jargon to sound important. Having built statistical models myself, anyone who stands by them so firmly is worrisome.”

    The betrayal of Fox News oozed out of their nostrils as the night moved along. The analyst also stated that “Models are just a set of assumptions and math and often wrong in unprecedented times. But when pressed about the possibility of the Arizona result, he brought out the old Democratic trick of sighing as though it was a stupid question. “Ugh-speak,” I call it. Kamala Harris uses that technique quite a lot.”

    Republicans are still fighting for what is right over the fraud and cheating that took place. Arizona is a state chosen to be a battleground by the cheating liberals. They knew right where to hit with their strategy.

    Tim Donner, who is s Washington Political Columnist, stated that “For the sake of its reputation, Fox News had better hope that Biden’s shrinking lead in Arizona holds up. But the Fox call on the House – that the Democrats would hold their majority and pick up five seats – speaks volumes. Not only did Fox make that call while the polls were still open in California – where there were several hotly contested House races – but its prediction, like most of its pre-election polls, was completely wrong, with the GOP now figuring to pick up at least half a dozen seats.”

    Fox News shot itself in the foot when they jumped into bed with the Democrats. They just could not face the pressure of the liberal left. Their reporting can no longer be trusted to be free of opinion.


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