Moderate Democrats Now in Panic After AOC’s Post Election Posturing


    Well, that didn’t take long, did it? AOC has already taken to the press to start complaining about the results of the 2020 elections. She and the Squad are in some serious denial, though. Their far-left policies scared off a number of voters and led to a very saddening outcome for the Democrats in the House races.

    Before the election took place, the Democrats were expected to seize at least 10 to 15 House seats. So far, the GOP has already taken back 5 of them and they stand poised to add to that total. Will it be enough for the GOP to take back the House this time around? Probably not. However, they could be set up to do so by the time 2022 rolls around.

    This is an abject disaster for the leftists. The Democrats are now in the process of diagnosing the issue and assigning blame. We already know where AOC is pointing the finger. Democratic moderate Conor Lamb and others of his ilk are not going to take it any longer. Lamb did his own New York Times interview and shot back at AOC’s latest round of comments.

    He’s one of the few moderates in the party who seems willing to talk back to her. Lamb was asked for an honest answer about what went wrong for the House Democrats.

    “I’m giving you an honest account of what I’m hearing from my own constituents, which is that they are extremely frustrated by the message of defunding the police and banning fracking. And I, as a Democrat, am just as frustrated. Because those things aren’t just unpopular, they’re completely unrealistic, and they aren’t going to happen. And they amount to false promises by the people that call for them,” he began.

    Lamb went on to make some more solid points about AOC’s divisive rhetoric. “If someone in your family makes their living in some way connected to natural gas, whether on the pipeline itself, or you know, even in a restaurant that serves natural gas workers, this isn’t something to joke around about or be casual about in your language,” he reasoned.

    “That’s what we’re trying to say: that the rhetoric and the policies and all that stuff — it has gone way too far. It needs to be dialed back. It needs to be rooted in common sense, in reality, and yes, politics. Because we need districts like mine to stay in the majority and get something done for the people that we care about the most,” Lamb concluded.

    He was also asked about the Squad. Lamb was sure to avoid any pointed critiques of anyone’s personality. Conor’s focus was on the policies that they are proposing, specifically fracking. “….her tweeting out that fracking is bad in the middle of a presidential debate when we’re trying to win western Pennsylvania — that’s not being anything like a team player.

    And it’s honestly giving a false and ineffective promise to people that make it very difficult to win the areas where President Trump is most popular in campaigns,” he said.

    Lamb’s responses are not being pulled from thin air, either. He’s merely responding to the remarks that AOC made when she called him out by name. “Conor Lamb spent $2,000 on Facebook the week before the election.

    I don’t think anybody who is not on the internet in a real way in the Year of our Lord 2020 and loses an election can blame anyone else when you’re not even really on the internet,” she said in her earlier New York Times interview.

    Lamb actually won his election but that doesn’t matter to AOC because he did not do it her way. The far-left politics that she is peddling are not as helpful as she thinks they are. The money that is put into progressive campaigns is not going to help the Democrats as much as AOC would like. Instead of attacking moderate candidates like Lamb, she could stand to learn something.


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