Biden Warns Israel That He Intends to Get Back in Bed With Iran and Reverse US-Israel Policy


    On one hand, this is a terrible thing for anyone who appreciated the previous administration and everything that they tried to accomplish when it comes to foreign policy. On the other, at least Joe Biden is actually keeping one of the promises that he made during his campaign. American foreign policy is definitely going to be reset back to the prior administration’s liking.

    We wouldn’t be surprised if Barack Obama had a personal hand in this. Of course, the promises that Biden is keeping have nothing to do with American voters. He is merely keeping his promises to the Iranian leaders who are going to be lining his pockets over the course of the next few years. Those pallets of cash won’t stack themselves.

    “I believe that in the first months [of Biden’s presidency], we’ll either see him rejoin the deal fully or what I would call ‘JCPOA-minus,’ meaning lifting sanctions in exchange for suspending some of the Iranian nuclear programs [developed] in the past three years,” said Amos Hochstein last Sunday. The interview was given in Hebrew to Channel 12 news.

    He’s a former senior aide to Joe Biden, so if anyone would know, it would be him. When Biden rejoins the Iran nuclear deal, he wants some changes to be made to the pact as well. The Israelis are not going to be celebrating this news. Arab nations in the region and Jerusalem have been able to move forward in a whole new way since Trump came into office.

    So much diplomatic progress was made and it is all over with now. Four years of hard work will be wiped away in one fell swoop. We are going to have to start getting used to saying that, though. The election may have been stolen but the mainstream media seems pretty content to sweep it all under the rug.

    The appeasement strategy that had been put into place before was not effective. The region suffered immensely and was brought to the brink of a major conflict. The Arabic alliance against Tehran is fractured beyond repair. If the United States decides to get back into bed with the Iranians, the progress ceases. Israel’s usefulness to Arab nations is reduced significantly as well.

    Israel is going to be threatened in other ways, too. Palestinians have been allying themselves more with Iran over the course of the past few decades. Biden’s plans would create opportunities for resources to start flowing out of Iran and into the hands of the Palestinians. From there, attacks on Israel would probably become much more commonplace.

    Iran could engage in acts of terrorism elsewhere but everyone knows what would actually happen. There’s no sense in even trying to talk around it. As the United Nations starts to take a more hardline stance on Iran, it seems odd for the United States to go against that. The Wall Street Journal has been keeping a close eye on the situation.

    “Iran is continuing to build up its stockpile of low-enriched uranium and now holds roughly 12 times the amount permitted under the 2015 nuclear agreement, the United Nations Atomic Agency said in a report,” read their most recent piece on the matter. It does not sound like the UN is very happy with them at all.

    That does not seem to matter to Joe Biden and his ilk. “The report also detailed various moves by Iran to install more-advanced centrifuges, which can produce enriched uranium much more quickly, at its nuclear facilities. That could allow Iran to step up its enriched-uranium production in the coming months,” the report continued.

    Well, that sure sounds like a great regime that we can all trust! Hochstein and Biden are in over their heads. The Biden administration is already making decisions that they are going to regret. The rest of us are simply going to have to sit here and watch it go down. At the moment, a Republican Senate is about all that stands between us and Joe Biden doing whatever the heck he wants.


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